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butterflies & hurricanes // phan by myhowellslester
butterflies & hurricanes // phanby liz ☆.。.:*
the tale of the prettiest street pianist phil lester had ever laid his eyes on and how he madly fell in love with him.
  • phanfiction
  • danhowell
  • boyxboy
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You're The Straw To My Berry (Phan) by ughitssophie
You're The Straw To My Berry (Phan)by sophie ann
Feelings appear. Sparks fly. Love rises. Problems occur. NOTE: This is a 'safe' fanfiction. There is NO self harm, eating disorders or suicide included in this story. R...
  • chris
  • berry
  • crabstickz
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Human - phan by PartTimeStoryteller
Human - phanby There's no fun in happy endin...
Dan is a dancer, but it's his best kept secret. Moving to a new college results in new friends, new hobbies and a new outlook in life; but what does it really mean to be...
  • phil
  • chris
  • howell
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Poet.|| KickThePj by girlwhowriteswrongs
Poet.|| KickThePjby bunniesandavengers
"I haven't seen you around here." "Oh... I don't come outside." //trigger warning// anorexia, depression, bad words, bullying.
  • depression
  • art
  • pjliguori
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Bad Boy; Good Lips // Dan Howell fan fiction AU by dhxdols
Bad Boy; Good Lips // Dan Howell f...by 𝕳𝖆𝖓
Y/N is a girl, an average, as normal as can be, school student who just so happens to find herself in a real sticky situation with the school's bad boys. She doesn't kno...
  • fanclub
  • danielhowell
  • danhowell
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New To Me (Phan) by phanoutlet
New To Me (Phan)by phanoutlet
Dan thinks himself to be straight. That is, until Phil enters the picture. Without warning-and most definitely without his permission-Dan begins to develop feelings that...
  • completed
  • phanfiction
  • highschool
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In Your Dreams // phan {featured!} by GypsyRover
In Your Dreams // phan {featured!}by käməˈkäzē
Dan Howell never wanted dreams. Because dreams meant he met his soulmate, and meeting his soulmate meant dooming them to a terrible life of memories about his anxiety-ri...
  • phần
  • pjloguori
  • danisnotonfire
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Don't Tell Dad (Phan) by icantwrite-
Don't Tell Dad (Phan)by icantwrite-
Phil is joining a new sixth form. He doesn't really expect to make any friends, let alone get a boyfriend. And then he meets Dan. Beautiful, funny Dan, who really could...
  • kickthepj
  • kickthestickz
  • sprinkleofglitter
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Dan and Phil in Hogwarts (A Harry Potter Phan AU) by snakehipsaremykrypto
Dan and Phil in Hogwarts (A Harry...by {R}
Dan Howell and Phil Lester are wizards at Hogwarts. What happens when they become friends? Hufflepuffs, Slytherins, Ravenclaws, Gryfidors, can they all be friends togeth...
  • amazingphil
  • boyxboy
  • ronweasley
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Depressed | Phan {EDITING} by mi_cro_wave
Depressed | Phan {EDITING}by breadbin urine
"Phil... I'm depressed" "Oh my god, me too! I get so down in the dumps sometimes it's ju-" "No. Phil. I have depression" "Oh." ~ ...
  • kickthestickz
  • amazingphil
  • crabstickz
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Discovering Love // phan by pIisetsky
Discovering Love // phanby court knee
Dan is a firm believer that love doesn't exist. Not in adults, and definitely not in high school. He detests silly love stories and petty relationships, posing as 'love'...
  • danisnotonfire
  • danhowell
  • phillester
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Bruises. •Phan• by L17E02E
Bruises. •Phan•by 🍵😌
Trigger Warning: physical/mental abuse "You are the mistake that ruined my life"
  • youtube
  • phandom
  • crabstickz
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KicktheSkiesStickz bc Sierra wants it freak enjoy this piece of non-literature by ThisIsMyPizza
KicktheSkiesStickz bc Sierra wants...by ThisIsMyPizza
Asexual twitter mutual wants crappy three way slash fic then you give it to her dammit. A bad fanfic. Dont expect anything.
  • youtubers
  • charlieskies
  • kickthepj
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Siblings by EmsWritingThingy
Siblingsby EmsWritingThingy
*apologies for rubbish title* So I was thinking the other day, what if Dan, Phil, Chris and PJ were your brothers? What would everyday (well, not completely everyday bu...
  • kickthepj
  • amazingphil
  • danisnotonfire
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Swim Team (Phan) by nooneinparticular0
Swim Team (Phan)by LiterallySatan
??? I'll do this later lmao The later time is now Dan and Phil are swim team coaches, when they spend so much time together Dan realizes he has a crush on Phil. There's...
  • trans
  • kickthestickz
  • phillester
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The Color of Sound /// Phan by The-Musomaniac
The Color of Sound /// Phanby Just Trash in General
Phil has had Chromesthesia for as long as he can remember he didn't realize that it was abnormal until his Mum told him. Ever since he was a child he loved the look of t...
  • lester
  • phanfiction
  • phil
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1, 2, 3, 4:: phan by dreamerpeej
1, 2, 3, 4:: phanby stef☁️
one way to say those three words that's what i'll do - ©️howellcarnations
  • crabstickz
  • danhowell
  • kickthestickz
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The Phandom In A Nutshell by lonelyretard
The Phandom In A Nutshellby Sad but rad.
The name says it all. Be prepared to read the most sexy phanfiction you will ever lay your phangirl/guy(whichever you prefer) eyes on.
  • yaoi
  • booty
  • danhowell
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