TAKEN (chapter 16)

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"Evelyn get the hell up" I felt a harsh kick to my foot causing me to jump awake from my nightmares.

I came face to face with Dan who was bent down at my eye level, with an eyebrow cocked in question.

I ran my fingertips through my hair and pulled up the straps on my tank top wrapping my arms across my body to become a shield around my fragile form.

Dan grabbed my chin ruffly pulling my face upwards to look at him "I said get the hell up" he demanded pushing my face away with hand

My head fell to the side in exhaustion. I felt nothing anymore. Nothing. I was numb with fear. I didn't even care at this point if I ever got out of this house or not. I knew what fate awaited me. A life of men controlling my every move. Where I went, what I did, who I was with. But most of all they controlled my body. They could touch me, handle me, grab me but worst of all kiss me. I hated the feeling of these men on my skin. They had their lips stained onto mine and I hated it.

These men made me sick. They believed they controlled my life and sadly I was starting to believe them too.

With these thoughts I slowly brought my knees up to my chest and rose to my feet straightening my shorts as I did so.

I didn't want to argue anymore it only caused me pain. Even if I hated myself for it, it was easier to do everything they said.

"Evelyn what the hell were you doing on the floor ?" Dan questioned pulling on my hand so I looked up at him.

He purposely pulled my hand but I didn't react to it. I didn't wrench my hand away in disgust, I was too exhausted to.

"I slept here" I spoke my voice holding no emotion. I sounded like a robot, a being with no heart, soul or feelings. These men were slowly but surely breaking me and I couldn't stop them.

"And why Evelyn, did you sleep here?" Dan grumbled obviously tired of my answers not being detailed.

"Derek and Matthew upset me, so I slept here" I fumbled with my fingers. I hated myself so much at this point. I wasn't even putting up a fight, I was answering his questions straight away without any trouble.

"What do you mean they upset you" Dan growled taking a step closer to my body, his fingers clenching.

His body nearing mine didn't even scare me, it did nothing but make me raise my eye level to his

"Matthew touched me and tried to force himself on me" I answered quickly staring straight ahead looking at nothing.

Dan punched the wall beside my head but I didn't even flinch "that bastard" he yelled "I'm going to fucking kill him" he started to pace up and down the corridor running his hands through his hair.

He suddenly stopped walking and tilted his head towards me "why aren't you arguing?" he asked taking a step closer to me body again "you aren't fighting me?"

"Maybe I have nothing left to fight for" I whispered taking a step backwards and turning off to walk down the corridor.

I knew he was going to grab my hand so when he did it didn't shock me. "there is always something to fight for" he spoke turning me around and pulling me into his chest.

He did the one thing I would have never expected Dan to do in a million years.

He hugged me.

He pulled me into his arms before I had any time to protest. He wrapped his limbs around my torso as he pushed my head into his chest so that I couldn't pull away.

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