TAKEN (chapter 39)

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I just wanted to say, Thank you so much! This story hit 60,000 reads the other day and it blew my mind. I remember when I had 10 reads and I was so excited. Thank you guys and please continue loving this story as much as I do. <3

"Come on then" I called Dan from over my shoulder as I grabbed a random jacket off the banisters.

After Dan and I had got back to the safe house I had quickly gone into my room and tried to sort out an outfit that was half acceptable to wear to a bar. Over the weeks I have been here, I have slowly been gathering some clothes. Most of them belong to the boys but some I brought when I went shopping with Dan the day before the party.

I rummaged through the chest of draws in the corner of my room, pulling out suitable clothes and throwing them onto my bed. After about half an hour of debating what to wear I decided to go simple. I pulled the black skinny jeans up my legs and slipped a black crop top over my head. I found the silver heels I wore to the party and stepped into them quickly nearly falling over in the process.

I don't know why but I was excited and nervous about going out with Dan. It would be the first time in a long while that I was actually going to have fun and just let myself and my worries go. Only if for a night.

I still had some makeup left over from the party as well so I settled with simple mascara and lipstick. I was about to leave the room when I spotted it on top of the dresser. I was in a mental dilemma whether to wear it or not. I had only wore it once as I believed it was too extravagant but what was the point of it if I wasn't going to wear it.

So after a few minutes of having a mental battle in my brain, I sighed and walked over to the dresser. Picking up the heart necklace I delicately placed it around my neck and fastened it at the back. I looked back at myself in the mirror. Finally, after this whole time, I was happy with how I looked. I felt content with myself and my body. Maybe it was Dan's influence but I think I was finally learning to accept myself and that was more important.

I felt really good as I quickly walked down the stairs. This was when I called for Dan but sighed when I heard no reply. I shrugged the jacket onto my shoulders. It belonged to one of the boys but I was sure they wouldn't mind if I borrowed it for the night. I heard laughter coming form the kitchen so I decided to follow the noise.

When I walked into the kitchen the sight made a smile grow on my face. All the boys were sat around the kitchen counter laughing with each other. It was the first time everyone seemed relaxed and happy. Finally nothing serious and dark was going on but that wasn't to last.

"Dan come on" I called to the group as they all spun around at my voice. It showed that they must have had a good time as they forget that I  was in the house for a few minutes.

"Hey Eve" Dan smiled as he slowly took in my appearance. He brown eyes slowly and secretly travelled up my body thinking that no one noticed but of course I did. I looked away as his eyes met mine embarrassed to have his gaze on me even though I loved it.

I instead turned my attention to everyone else in the room, smiling over at them.

"And why might I ask, are you dressed so beautifully Evelyn?" Zeke winked over at me. I laughed at his question and the gesture knowing it was completely friendly.

"Well I decided that I haven't experienced 'fun' in a while so Dan and I are going to a bar.."

"Can I come?" Chris asked from the back of the room smirking at me. He was obviously trying to wind me up and I had to hold myself back from saying something vulgar to him.

"No!" Both Dan and I shouted back at him simultaneously. We both looked at each other out of the corner of our eyes, worried that maybe that had made us too obvious. Luckily the others just laughed at our behaviour seeming to find it funny rather than curious.

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