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TAKEN (chapter 6)

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Hey here's the new chapter (and also the Dan and Phil SIM cards can we just!!!)

I ran.

I don't know where I was going in this place, but I kept running. I passed identical corridors of white and black doors. Every way I looked there was just corridor after corridor. Nothing changed.

I felt like I should have left a trail of breadcrumbs so I could find my way back to Pj's room like in Hansel and Gretel.

Okay getting a bit of topic here but I was surely getting lost in this maze of corridors.

I needed to find Dan and I needed to find him now. I needed answers as to why I was still here running after the man who nearly ended my life.

I turned a corner and slammed into a hard body making me gasp and fall to the ground in shock.

I quickly pushed myself up off the floor (I was more vulnerable there anyway) and brushed my self down with my hands.

"Couldn't stay away" the figure smirked and I tilted my head up to look into the eyes of Dan.

"Ugh" I groaned at his crude remark "why?" I asked

"Why what?" he questioned back, his gaze hardening

"You know what!" I spat at him moving closer.

He wasn't going to intimidate me anymore as I cornered him into the wall. It was then I realised we were in a kitchen and I smiled at the thought of any of these boys trying to cook a meal. but I was liking this change of scenery, it was different from the white corridors I had seen earlier.

"I don't know what your talking about babe" Dan grinned evilly playing with his fingers looking at me out of the corner of his eye.

"For God's sake" I yelled " why the hell did you not kill me back there!"

"Back where?" Dan smiled playing dumb.

That's when I lost it and harshly punched him in the arm.

"Don't you dare play dumb with me Dan, you nearly blow my bloody brains out but you didn't why? All I need is a simple answer!" I screamed at him as Dan just stood there shocked grasping his arm where I had punched him.

"I..I don't...know" he said his voice wavering.

"Just freaking tell me!" I yelled getting closer to his face so that our noses were nearly touching and that I could smell the faint tinge of alcohol on his breath.

"Innocence" he whispered looking me straight in the eye.

"What?" I whispered back shocked at his answer

"For God's sake Eve, your innocent I couldn't take that away from you, I couldn't end your life when your hazel eyes were staring straight into mine, I couldn't do that" he shouted before letting his head drop so that he was staring at the floor in guilt.

I was shocked and I didn't really know what to say.

"I'm sorry" Dan whispered only loud enough for me to hear as I was still close to him.

"No" I said making Dan snap his head up at me "you don't get to say sorry, you brought this all in yourself, you have singlehandedly ruined my life as I am now trapped in a house with a bunch of men. Two who have hit me and one who has forcefully kissed me. So no you don't have the right to say sorry" I spat at him before turning on my heel and storming out of the kitchen.

Proper Rachel Berry style

I didn't get that far though before I was ruffly pulled back and slammed into the kitchen counter with Dan's grubby hands pushing into my hips.

"Who gave you the right to say that to me!" he growled pushing me further into the counter making me grimace from the sharp pain hitting my lower back.

"I did" I yelled back confidently. I wasn't going to cower away from him I was going I stand my ground.

"Don't push me Evelyn" Dan spoke slowly he jaw tightening and his eyes darkening.

"What so you can chicken out of killing me because you don't have the balls to do it?" I smugly questioned in the sassiest manor I knew titling my head to the side in mock confusion.

I knew I had really done it this time as Dan stopped breathing for a second before his eyes became black, like literally black.

"Oh darling you don't know what you have got yourself in for" He whispered in my ear and I shuddered at his threat.

He smiled. I was confused I was waiting for something I happen.

And that something did happen.

I was grabbed by the front of my dress and thrown to the floor (here came the something I was waiting for)

I whimpered at the pain as I grasped my hand which now had a deep cut in it and bruising around the knuckles.

Dan smiled as he walked closer to me and I quickly shuffled away in fear until my back hit the counter and I couldn't get any further away.

Dan crouched down so he was eye level with me and winked before grabbing my hand.

"Oh no what do we have here" he mocked "did you hurt your hand darling" he whispered running his had over the cut.

My breath hitched in my throat. I could do this anymore. I couldn't be the strong person anymore, why did I ever believe I could?

I screamed out in pain as Dan pushed his finger ruffly into my cut. my vision blurred as he did this. the pain was too much I couldn't cope with it. My hand was blazing like fire as red liquid poured from it.

"Please stop" I whispered the only sound I could muster.

"Never" he said before dropping my hand harshly on the floor making me scream from the sudden pain the hard tilled floor made my hand feel.

He stood up and walked away leaving me breathless and with tears streaming down my face.

I couldn't stop crying.

I had officially cracked as I laid down on the floor curling into a ball and gently rocking myself backwards and forwards. cradling my hand in my lap keeping it form getting even more damaged.

I don't know how long I stayed there before I felt two large hands grab around my waist and lift me up.

I started to panic.

"No please stop, please leave me alone" I begged trying to get out of the person grip.

"Shush don't worry" the guy whispered stroking my hair and drying my eyes.

He placed me so I was sat up on the kitchen counter and I could finally see his face.

He looked older than Dan but not by much and I thought I had seen his face before.

"Shush don't cry" he whispered stroking my cheeks. I didn't even realise I had started crying again until he said that.

"Hey I'm gonna help you alright, don't you worry" he said smiling gently and tucking a strand of hair behind my ear.

I then realised where I had seen him before. he was the guy in the car who stopped chris from hitting me.

I instantly liked him.

What was his name? "Phil?" i questioned

"Yeah" He replied

"Thanks" I whispered sending him a slight smile.

Wow intense chapter!

Love you lots

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