TAKEN (chapter 18)

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Everyone wanted the next chapter so here it is extra early xxx

(Dan's POV)

I grabbed my keys from the table where we were sat moments before. I smirked as I fumbled with the keys in my hand. I was one of the most wanted men in London and non of these suckers knew what I looked like. This whole country was full of idiots I swear.

If Eve had even moved a centimetre she'll be dead. I kinda lied about knowing where her mother lived. I didn't, I just said that to make her scared and to also shut her up. God she was annoying but also annoyingly intriguing. Something pulled me to her and I couldn't stop the natural pull I felt when I was near her. Something was stopping me from grabbing a gun and just ending her life. She knew too much so why wasn't I killing her?

I'm getting way too soft.

I walked out of the shop grumbling at the family who just walked in. They looked so happy, they didn't know the real dangers which leaked just a few centimetres from them.

I pulled my jacket closer around my body as it had started to chuck it down with rain, the droplets of water running down my face slowly as I flicked them off.

"DAN" a scream rocketed through my body causing my head to snap up. She was being dragged backwards, her top ripped from the mans grasp. Her eyes meet mine and they were filled with so much fear. Tears spilling wildly from her eyes and tumbling down her face. She was so terrified as the man cursed before lifting the gun and hiting her around the head with it making her fragile body go limp as she fell to the floor.

I didn't even think twice before grabbing the gun from my back pocket, lifting it to the mans head and firing.

The shoot was covered by the rain as his disgusting body tumbled down into the concrete pavement, blood spilling out of his head.

I rushed forward to his form kneeling on the ground leaning over him. I ripped his balaclava off his face before sighing at him. I had no idea who this guy was. This gave me no leads as to why he tried to take Eve.


I turned my body towards her. Oh God her head. He had managed to hit the same spot she hurt earlier. Blood was rushing at a scarily fast speed out of her head as she had drifted into unconsciousness "Eve Eve" I yelled grabbing her shoulders and shaking her but she wouldn't wake up "fuck" I cursed running my hands through my hair.

I didn't know what to do. Wouldn't it just be easier to leave her here. She would die and I wouldn't be held responsible for her death. She would be out of my life and I wouldn't have to be worried about her running away and ruining our whole organisation.

But I couldn't do it. What was happening to me?

I cursed before lifting her up bridal style. She was so light. Her weight just added to how fragile she was. Her head rolled back over my arm as I walked around the mans body.

Suddenly I stopped as I noticed the tattoo on his neck. It was a cobra. Oh no his wasn't good. That was the sign of Derek's gang. Why the hell would he want Eve, she had nothing to do with him. He couldn't even use her a hostage for money because I wouldn't even care if he had her.

'If you wouldn't care then why is she lying in your arms?" my self conscious smugly asked.

I shrugged of the thoughts roaming my mind and continued running to my car. I fumbled in my pockets for my keys as it was hard with a girl lying in my arms. I finally got them and unlocked the car wrenching the back door open and carefully placing Eve in the back. I took of my jacket and rolled it up and quickly placed it underneath her head to keep it lifted.

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