TAKEN (chapter 3)

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My eyelids fluttered open as my irises adjusted to the light around me.

My head pounded with dizziness and my vision was somewhat blurry and glazed.

I opened my eyes fully and noticed I was in a big empty room. The room was bright white and really shiny. I felt like I was in Kim Kardashian's house in LA not some scary kidnappers house in grimy London.

Wait kidnappers!

Oh god I had forgotten I was kidnapped. how is that even possible?

With that thought in my brain I looked down at myself and noticed I was tied to an old wooden chair with rope on my feet and hands meaning I couldn't move.

Doesn't mean I can't try though

I wriggled and squirmed pulling at my hands leaving red burn marks up my arms. After about 5 minutes of this I slumped down in the chair giving up sighing in frustration.

A chuckle bounced of the wall making me jump and start shaking again.

"That was funny watching you try and get out" he smirked coming out of the shadows and into the light.

It was chris. please no!

I tried to back away as he came closer but obviously that was pointless as I was tied to a chair.

My breathing hitched in my throat as he ran a hand across my cheek and tucked a bit of hair behind my ear.

I whimpered at his grubby hands touching my skin and he laughed as he noticed by sacredness.

"You afraid babe" he whispered in my ear grabbing my chin and forcing me to look at him.

Why does he always do this, I hate looking into his disgusting eyes.

"Please leave me alone" my voice shook with fear as I pleaded with him

He just laughed evilly and spoke the words I feared "never" as he started leaning closer towards my face

I don't know what made me do it but I felt this whole wave of something coarse through my body when he spoke the words.... hatred

I spat in his face

Yup I did and Im proud of it but what happened next nearly gave me another Panic attack.

He slapped me ruffly across the face making me gasp and my head fall to the side in pain

"Darling never do that again" he growled wrenching my face up to meet his again.

Tears pooled out of eyes as I had to look in his eyes. I was shaking frantically and crying a stupid amount of tears.

"Answer me" he yelled in my face making me whimper once again and more tears to fall out of my eyelids.

"Ugh" he groaned before lifting his hand ready to strike me again

"Chris that's enough" a deep voice boomed through the room making me jump with relief and chris to jump in fear.

Chris scared,this was new.

"Chris just go, you've done enough already don't you think" the figure stepped out of the shadows and walked towards us.

I noticed that he looked younger than chris and the others, only in his early twenties or there about. He wore black skinny jeans and a black top with a white circle on it. he had brown hair styled into a fringe and not gonna lie he was quite good looking

But also terrifying. if Chris was scared of him he must be.

"Didn't I tell you not to hurt her" the man (more like boy) asked with annoyance laced in his tone.

"Yes boss" chris answered looking at the floor in shame

Boss. he was the boss in charge of everyone. but he looked like a average teenager?

"Now get out of my sight chris" the boss said waving Chris away with his hand

"Yes boss" chris answered again walking towards the door but not without smirking towards me making me shiver with fear

"Now darling what's your name" the boss said bending down so he was at the same eye level as me.

His voice was gentle but I didn't trust him, this could all be an act

I stayed silent looking into the distance past his head so I didn't have to answer the question.

"Okay to make this easier I will tell you my name if you tell me yours" he reasoned with me

I sighed. I was too curious to let this pass. "Evelyn" I mumbled looking at his face

"Evelyn" he carefully spoke my name "well Evelyn" he said reaching up and wiping the tears off my face. I didn't pull away this time, he touch was gentle.

"My name is Dan, Dan Howell "

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