TAKEN (chapter 41)

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My lungs heaved up and down with the force of the wispy breaths moving in and out of them. I was trapped once again. I could feel my attackers own lungs as they heaved up and down in their chest which was in contact with mine. The harsh metallic end of the gun was pushed harshly into my temple so that I grimaced at the pain. I couldn't move as my attackers weight was pushing against my body stopping even the smallest of movements.

The blood running through my veins turned to ice as my attacker quickly raised his hand to my neck. I basically growled as he got closer and closer towards me. There was no point in screaming I'd only attrack more attention. This guy seemed to be alone and if I really wanted to I could fight him off.

I really wanted to.

I suddenly slammed my foot down onto his so hard that he cried out in pain and his grip on me loosened as well as the grip on his gun as it tumbled to the floor. With all my body weight I heaved forward pushing him off of me and grabbed his body slamming him into the wall. I quickly snatched the knife out of my back pocket and placed it right under his throat.

"Don't touch me again" I threaterened pushing the knife a little bit deeper into his skin.

"Can't promise that Eve"

And with that I quickly slammed my hand down on the side of his head.

"You bastard!" I whispered angrily "I thought you were going to kill me" I took a step back lowering the gun in the process. I however couldn't stay still as I was so angry.

"You knew it was me right from the start didn't you?" I accused walking towards my attacker. I couldn't lie, I felt a huge weight lift off my shoulders when I found out who it was but that was quickly replaced with anger.

"I saw the outline of your necklace" Dan smirked back as he rubbed the side of his head where I had hit him "But only after I shoved you into the wall. That bit wasn't on purpose"

I still could hardly see him because it was so dark but my eyes were becoming accomstomed to the light so that I could now see most of his body's features.

"Aren't you lucky I saved you?" he took a step closer towards me gloating boldly.

"Did you just forget that I had you pinned up against the wall with a knife to your throat" I also took a step closer towards him. My chest was still heaving up and down as I was still a little bit terrified but my anger was outweighing that at the moment.

"Evelyn, how could I ever forget that" he whispered slowly, his voice low.

"Seriously you are such a little fuc.."

I never got to finish my sentence as Dan surprised me by grabbing my hips and pulling me towards him so that his lips moulded onto mine. The words were caught at the back of my throat but they all disappeared as my lips moved with his. I couldn't even help kissing him back as the wave of emotion that rolled over me was too huge. With all my anger with Dan messing me around I had forgotten how much I needed him and how much of a relief it was to be back in his arms. My hands rose up behind his neck as his dropped lower and lower down my waist.

"I'm so glad you're safe" he breathed out against my lips as he pushed my body further and further back until I was once again trapped against the wall but this time I felt no fear. I know we should have been trying to escape but we were too caught up in each other to care. My hands subconciosuly rose into his hair where I tugged against the strands as his hands purposedly lowered to my butt.

"I'm so glad I didn't kill you" I smiled against his lips as he pushed his body even harder against mine earning a gasp from me.

Suddenly we were both blinded by a light breaking us apart. I squinted my eyes as it hurt too much to look into the light but I felt safe when I felt that Dan's hands were still on my body.

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