TAKEN (chapter 10)

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Hey sorry I haven't updated in ages. I was Ill and had loads of schoolwork xx

I was awoken by someone gently pulling my hair from my face and tucking it behind my ear. I stirred and turned, half asleep, trying to get away from their touch.

I groaned from the person still fiddling with my hair, swatting their fingers away with my hand.

The figure just chuckled at this before speaking.

"Eve come on" Dan half groaned half laughed "you need to get up"

"No" I groaned. I was shattered and tired from all my emotions running high. For one I had been kidnapped, hit, forcefully kissed, nearly killed, my hand been cut, I even tried to kill someone.

The least Dan could do was let me have 5 mins more in bed.

"Eve if you don't get up in 5 seconds I will literally drag you out of this bed" Dan grumbled loosing his patience with me.

I just moaned turning on my back so my face was lying in the pillows.

"Fine, you asked for it" Dan spoke harshly.

I jumped as too large hands were wrapped around my waist gripping my hips and lifting me out of the bed.

I half yelled at this, protesting for Dan to put me down.

He lifted me off the bed, ruffly placing my feet on the floor. I nearly fell over from his actions but Dan caught me at the last minute grabbing my shoulders and standing me upright.

"Next time Evelyn do as I say" he lectured walking towards the bathroom but leaving the door left open so that I could see him fiddling around in the cupboards.

"Next time Daniel" I taunted back "let me have the extra sleep I deserve" I grinned seeing him stop what he was doing and his back tense.

I had done it now. oops!

But weirdly Dan just let out a quiet laugh his back softening and he walked out of bathroom carrying two towels.

"Eve you really know how to wind me up don't you?" he grinned passing me the towels.

I took them timidly slightly confused at his happy, jokey state this morning.

"I sure do" I smiled back walking towards the bathroom

I was tugged back by my arm an spun around to meet Dan's face "yeah but don't push it" he warned with a straight look.

I gulped and nodded walking towards the bathroom again.

"Quickly have a shower and be out in 10 okay" Dan stated.

"Okay" I replied, closing the bathroom door and gladly finding a lock and successfully locking it.

I turned the shower on, twisting the buttons around until I found the right pressure and temperature.

I checked the door to make sure it was locked again before pealing off my clothes off my body. (well technically they were Dan's clothes but yeah..)

I stepped into the shower, my body instantly relaxing as the warm water traveled all over my bare skin.

I sighed as I spotted the only shampoo in the shower, this being only Men's shampoo and started applying it to my head.

I closed my eyes as my hands laced their way through my wet hair stopping at the ends and getting tangled in knots. My hair was a complete mess, I needed to get it sorted.

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