TAKEN (chapter 33)

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Sorry this is so late (like nearly a month late!) I have had mock exams for the last two weeks so was revising for them X

"Nobody Move"

I completely froze, everything stopping. My breathing seemed to stop for a minute as all I could focus on was the man's eyes. They were dark and glassy and didn't look normal. They were eyes of a mad man and he was holding a knife to Phil's neck.

Dan suddenly took a tentative step forward but the man just took a larger step backwards dragging Phil with him.

"Stay still boy" the man ordered in a gruff voice "Or I will kill him" he pushed the knife deeper into Phil's skin and you could see his face twist at the pain. Phil tried to move out of the man's grip but with every movement the knife was cutting further and further into his skin. There was only so much pain he could take until he gave up and decided to stand still. It was probably the most sensible decision before he killed himself. A trickle of blood ran down his neck and onto his t-shirt making me grimace.

"Let him go" Dan ordered back obviously not happy at not having the upper hand in the situation "Otherwise I will kill you"

"With what?" the man laughed darkly "Your gun is over there" he nodded his head to the metallic object lying a few metres away from Dan "And if you make any move to retrieve it. I will kill him"

Suddenly the man's eyes focused on me, like he had only just noticed my presence "You're not armed are you sweetheart" he smiled evilly looking me up and down.

"No" I spat repulsed by him answering quickly just so he wouldn't speak to me anymore. I suddenly felt the cold material of metal press against the skin of my back and realised that I did indeed have a weapon on me. The gun I had just used was stored in the waistband of my jeans but he wouldn't be able to see from his angle.

"Didn't think so" he smirked. For once in my life I was happy that men thought women would handle a gun because this man was about to get the shock of his life. I just had to wait until the perfect moment. 

"What are you even doing here?" Dan asked angrily and I flickered my focus to him to see him looking mad and clenching his fists in anger. It was the first time I had seen him not be in control of a situation and I knew he hated it.

The man just laughed, it was like a habit of his. To find this current situation funny he definitely had to be mad. "You seriously don't even remember do you? Don't even care about the people you have killed"

"What are you talking about" Dan asked confused. I just watched the drama unfold my palms shaking as I tried to get the gun out from my waistband without anyone noticing.

"You killed him" the man was rambling "You killed my brother back at Derek's house and you don't even care. You killed him you murderer!" he was starting to get himself worked up and this meant he was pressing the knife deeper into Phil's neck so much so that Phil gasped out at the pain.

"Then how does killing him make you any better than Dan" I shouted out making the man snap his attention to me. I was shocked at how angry he looked and stepped back uncontrollably out of fear.

"Shut up bitch! You were the one who stabbed him. Dan was just the one who ended it" he yelled at me.

It was like a huge punch had been send to my stomach and I physically let out a huge breath of shock. His comment had winded me and my worst fears had become true. The man I helped kill did have a family and one of his family members was standing right in front me. The guilt was too much and I felt the tears built up in my eyes. I was a murderer also. I was no better than the man stood in front of me.

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