TAKEN (chapter 20)

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New chapter enjoy x

My heart was pumping so fast I could feel the beat of it in my throat.

What had I done?

I had probably done the stupidest thing ever. He was going to literally kill me. Normally people say the phrase 'literally' when they don't really mean it, but this time I was 100% fearing for my safety.

Tears gushed down my cheeks like a river, tumbling down onto the floor in front of me like little droplets of rain.

My feet sprinted through the house. My feet doing the action without my brain processing what was really happening.

The only thing on my mind was my freedom. To get out of this house of hell. To get out of it all in one piece.

I rounded one more corner when my body harshly smacked into something and I nearly fell backwards but someone grabbed my hand at just the last moment.

I stopped and caught my breath for a second before glancing upwards to see who awaited me.

I breathed a massive sigh of relief when I was meet with the eyes of PJ. His gaze was one of confuse and worry as his hand still held mine.

"Eve what's going on..."

"Just let me go" I yanked my hand from his grip. I pushed my hair out of my face before trying to walk around him.

"Evelyn tell me what's wrong?" he grabbed my waist pulling me back in front of him.

"Please let me go" I looked frantically behind me to see if Dan was following.

"What happened?" he followed my gaze and noticed I was scared of whatever could walk around that corner at any given moment.

"PJ please let me go" I begged thrashing around in his arms but he wouldn't let go.

"No" he spoke sternly "Eve tell me now?"

I stopped moving as his grip on my waist slightly tightened, not as much to hurt me but enough for me to know he meant business.

"He kissed me okay" I answered looking down at the floor slightly ashamed I had let it happen.

"That bastard" PJ growled his eyes turning darker and a deep frown was now set on his face

"And then I slapped him" I spoke quietly as PJ's head jolted up "across the face"

"Eve why would you do that, are you mad?" he yelled pulling me down the corridor a bit so we were in the shadows and therefore hidden.

"I wasn't just going to let him kiss me" I argued annoyed at the fact no one was praising me for finally standing up to Dan.

"He's going to kill you" He spoke the words so quietly you could hardly hear them rolling off his tongue. "He's going to kill you when it was his own fucking fault for kissing you in the first place"

PJ angrily punched his fist against the wall as I just flinched at the contact.

"I know" I spoke sadly, the panic slowly rising within me "that's why I need you to let me go so I can get out of here"

"What?" he spluttered "you know that's not possible"

"Yes it is just let me go, I can't stay here any longer" I pleaded with him pulling on his hand "just let me go, pretend you never saw me."

"I can't let you go Eve" he sighed running his free hand through his hair "I'd get killed if he found out I let you go"

"He won't find out I promise, please" I was nearly crying now, begging for PJ to let me go

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