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TAKEN (chapter 32)

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Sorry it's a week late

The shiny bathroom mirror was a huge contrast to the deeply dark shadows under my eyes. I prodded and poked my tired skin to put some life back into it but nothing happened.

It was early in the morning around six and I had finally decided that it was the appropriate time to get up after lying in my bed awake for the last four hours.

It seemed that my body was punishing me in some way. I was so exhausted from everything but I couldn't seem to do the most simple thing of all. Fall to sleep. Every time my eyes would close just in the slightest the memories would start coming back. They weren't really memories. Memories were things you wanted to remember, events you never wanted to forget.

These were nightmares.

It started off with just his face. The unknown man I will never know. All I saw was the dead face of a man I had killed but then it kept getting worse.

My nightmares became twisted stories of what was real and what was fantasy. I would dream about Derek kidnapping me. Real. But then I would dream that they had also taken my mum, my friends and weirdly Dan. Fantasy. I would be hit and pushed around. Real. A dark demon like figure would start touching me. Luckily that was a fantasy.

So after a horrible night sleep, I was stood staring at my pale skin contrasting with the huge bags under my eyes, in the bathroom mirror. My sleep had been quiet, there was nothing to keep me awake but the dark corners of my mind.

I had stolen a large t-shirt from Dan to wear as a nightie and I decided that I needed to get changed. I needed to get my mind off of my nightmares.

I turned the bathroom light off and as I walked back into my room I saw him sat on the edge of my bed.

"I definitely need that lock on my door now" I teased walking to the chest of drawers in the corner of the room and pulling out the clothes I wore from yesterday.

"I'll get round to it sometime" he pushed the idea away with the flick of his hand as he pulled one leg up onto the bed and span around to face me.

"I'll hold you to that" I had now finally found my clothes and turned around holding them in my arms "Dan I kinda need you to leave so that I can get changed"

I asked nicely, sure he would do as I said if I was polite about it. But his response was typical from him. That part of him would never change "Nah it's fine, I'll stay here" he smirked leaning back on his hands to look up at me.

"Fine" I smirked back dropping the clothes onto the floor. I was wearing his t-shirt so I easily could pull the jeans up my legs without him seeing anything. And I did just that. Dan's smirk was wiped off his face when I did this, leaving him obviously disappointed.

"That's not fair" he sounded angry but I knew he was just a bit pissed off that he didn't get to see anything.

"Yes it is" I laughed back amused by his teenage boy within coming out. I couldn't be bothered to change my top half so I just folded the bottom of Dan's shirt and tucked some of it in. It kinda seemed to work. I wasn't here to win a fashion award.

"It's really not" he scowled pushing himself up off the bed by using his hands and stalked over towards me. I backed up, slightly confused by the sudden change throughout the room. I thought he was in a jokey mood but obviously I was mistaken and had pissed him off.  He continued to keep walking towards me but as soon as he got too close I ducked under his arm and out of the way.

"I'm sorry it was just a joke calm down" I laughed slightly at his over reaction to the situation that had occurred

"Don't annoy me on purpose Evelyn." I hated when he used my full name. It made me fell like a worthless child who was getting scolded for doing the wrong thing when they didn't know any better.

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