TAKEN (Chapter 35)

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Hello, hope everyone is good X

The bile rose in my throat and I visibly gaged placing my hand on my chest to stop myself from throwing my guts up all over myself. His eyes still hadn't left mine yet. The darkness was penetrating into my body making chills skitter across my skin. As he stared at me memories dived in front of my eyes and I felt my hands start to shake from the reminder.

"Dan.. do you.." I whimpered out

"Yeah I see them" he finished from me as I couldn't even finish the sentence myself. My throat was completely clogged up and my head started to spin wildly so that I swear I could now see ten Derek's and Matthew's.

My legs buckled beneath me but I was quickly caught by Dan. His hand grabbed around my waist so that I managed to stay standing but only just. I could feel the heat from his palm through my dress and I decided to focus on that. If I could only think about the way his fingers were slowly sliding up and down my waist trying to calm me I could stop thinking about the way Derek was still staring at me. I closed my eyes suddenly blocking out his gaze and focused solely on Dan. His scent of his cologne drifted into me and I breathed in heavily trying to calm myself down. I could feel the heat of his body next to mine and I slowly was composing myself.

"Eve you okay?" I could basically feel his breath on my ear as he whispered the words to me.

I squeezed my eyes shut momentarily and then opened them. I couldn't feel their gaze on me and I looked around frantically. I found that both Derek and Matthew were stood at the bar chatting to a few other men. Their backs were facing us but I still recognised them. I could recognise them anywhere.  

"Yeah I'm good" I finally tore my gaze from them and looked at Dan. His eyes were narrowed as he looked past my head briefly and I knew exactly what or who he was looking at. He slowly moved his eye line back to mine and his whole face seemed to soften. The lines in his forehead decreased dramatically as he peered down at me.

He slowly reached for my hand and clasped it to his own. As he raised his hand I could see it shaking and I knew that it was a result of mine being held in his. He gently placed a kiss on the top of my hand and that light gesture alone was enough to stop my hands from shaking instantly.

"Eve, dance with me?" he asked for the millionth time this evening pulling on my hand gently to take us both to the middle of the dance floor.

"What are we doing?" I whispered out as Dan turned around to face me. I thought he would want to get straight out of here after Derek and Matthew turned up. I didn't think he would want to stay and dance in the middle of the dance floor where everyone can see us clearly.

"Dancing" he smirked. He slowly and gently placed his hands on either side of my waist bringing our bodies closer together. We have been closer then this before but something about the simplicity of this made it so much more intimate.

I quickly looked around us to find other couples dancing but they were all staring at us as they too moved along to the orchestra playing. I looked past the over bearing pairs of eyes to find Derek. He was once again gazing straight at me, looking deeply into my soul. He was stood at the bar and as he finally saw me looking at him, he raised his glass at me as if to mock me for not screaming or crying yet. I couldn't bear it any longer and quickly turned myself and Dan around so that I was facing the opposite direction.

"Everyone's staring at us" I stated in a hushed tone so that no one but Dan could hear.

"Only because you look so beautiful" he quickly replied. As he did so he dropped his hands from my waist and grabbed my wrists slowing raising my hands up his chest until they were locked behind his neck. I felt like I didn't breath the entire time his actions were taking place and I'm sure my cheeks had now turned a deep shade of red.

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