TAKEN (chapter 2)

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I was being lifted on some guys back while I screamed and punched and kicked with all my might whilst my vision was completely black as I had a stupid bag plastered on my face.

My heart was racing and I knew soon enough I was going to have a panic attack.

Three whole years I have gone without one and now this stupid asshole is going to make me have one.

I was hoping and pleading in my head that this was all a stupid prank this guy was doing and in a second someone he was going to put me on the ground and tell me this was all a dream.

But it never happened as I heard he dark raspy voice whisper in my ear "darling stop kicking other wise I with have to physically make you stop and we wouldn't want that would we"

His voice sent shivers through my spine and I instantly stopped moving around as I heard him chuckled "that's a good girl" he mocked me and patted my bum making me want to vomit and cry at the same time in disgust.

Suddenly I heard a car door open and I was ruffly thrown inside the car where I landed with a loud bump on the car seat.

My hip killed from this and I groaned running my hand down my side as I winced from the pain.

I was then forcefully pushed up making my hip hurt more as I gritted my teeth together.

The bag was snatched from my head and I squeezed my eyes shut from the light.

I tentatively opened them looking at my surroundings.

I was sat in the middle back seat of a very posh looking car with a man either side of me and one sitting in the front.

I started to shake. this was just like in the crime movies my dad always used to watch and I was the victim who was surely going to get killed.

I whimpered as the guy in the front ran his hand slowly down my leg. I noticed him as the northern guy form the club who had basically kidnapped me.

"Hey don't be scared darling" he smirked still running his hand up and down my leg teasingly.

I tried to be brave and shove his hand away but he caught my small hand in his large one and I winced at the strong grip his hand had.

"Don't try anything funny with me darling or your regret it" he whispered angrily before running his hand across me cheek while my fear got stronger with each move he made.

"Ugh chris knock it off will you" the man on my right suddenly spoke up for the first time in the car tonight and I was sort of glad for his interruption.

"Phil I can do whatever the hell I want with the pretty young lady thank you very much" the northern guy chris exclaimed grabbing my chin and lifting it up to meet his eyes and forcing me closer to him.

I wanted to scream and yell for help as tears fell quickly out of my eyes as I was forced to look in Chris's black ones.

He started to lean in further until his lips fell onto my cheek and I cried out in help pushing him away from me and falling back into the seat in panic and distress.

"Don't you dare ever try anything like that again darling" chris shouted raising a hand upwards and slamming it down until it hit my face.

But the hit never came as when I opened my eyes again I noticed phil had grabbed chris hand and stopped him from hitting me.

'Chris stop the boss wants her in prime condition remember" phil quietly spoke and I was so gladded he was here other wise god only knows what chris would do to me.

Chris just huffed and turned around starting the engine "ugh fine but I will get my way in the end darling don't you forget that" he smirked locking eyes with me through the side mirror.

I shivered, tears still falling from my eyes as started to hyper ventilate and my hands started shaking frantically.

And the next thing I knew i was passed out on the seat.


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