TAKEN (chapter 7)

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New chapter yay!

"Thanks" I smiled up at him. It wasn't a fake smile it was a genuine smile. The first I had had since I have been in this place. Wherever the hell I was?

"No probs" Phil smiled down at me as I was still sat on the kitchen counter and he stood in front of me.

I looked down at my throbbing hand and grimaced, it looked disgusting. It was black and blue all over and had dried blood surrounding a deep dark red cut. Nice!

"Hey" Phil said "what happened?" he asked gently lifting my hand up towards the light. I shivered as he did this as I didn't want him to touch the cut. That would surely be too painful.

"Um...I" I stuttered before tears nearly pooled out of my eyes again but I sucked it all up. I wasn't going to cry again.

"Hey love don't worry, you don't have to tell me" Phil warmly smiled whilst carefully placing my hand back in my lap.

"No" I said "I need to tell someone before I go insane with keeping everything inside" I sighed pulling my body up straighter and wiping underneath my eyes with my uninjured hand.

Phil gave me a look as in to say 'carry on' and so I did.

"Well I think I pushed Dan too far and then he pushed me to the floor and yeah this happened" I gestured to my hand and looked down.

"What did you say to get him so mad" Phil said and I looked up to see him smirking.

"Um I don't know something about him not having the balls to kill me" I simply stated looking down in shame and guilt.

I stayed looking at the floor until I heard a loud chuckle and I snapped my head up.

Phil was laughing really loudly and I gave him a confused look.

"What!" I said getting annoyed at his maniac laughing

Phil grabbed him stomach to calm him down before answering me "you really know how to push his buttons don't you?"

I was confused "What I wasn't that annoying?" I stated looking innocent

"Love by saying that he 'doesn't have the balls to kill you' is gonna get you hurt more" he still smiled but I could tell he was warning me for future reference "what I would have given to see his face when you said that"

I innocently smiled before hopping of the counter but not before Phil grabbed my waist and stopped me from going any further.

"And where do you think your going?" he asked sternly still holding me in place.

"Um" I wasn't sure to be honest "I was gonna get some food I'm bloody starving" my stomach rumbled as I said this.

"No you're not" Phil stated before walking of towards a cupboard.

"Why" I asked annoyed "you're not the boss of me!"

"Yes well do you want to die from your injured hand then love" he smugly smiled before reaching into the cupboard and pulling out a first aid box.

I made a mental note of where the first aid was kept in case I needed it in the future.

"Oh" I said shocked. One I didn't think any of these boys would actually care to help me with my injury. And two I felt bad about shouting at him.

Phil came back towards me and grabbed my hand gently.

"First" he said "I'm going to have to put alcohol on the cut so it doesn't get infected but it's going to hurt" he looked straight into my eyes "like really hurt so I'm sorry" he smiled sweetly.

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