Taken (chapter 26)

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"Fuck" Dan yelled as he ripped his hand from mine.

We had only been running for about thirty seconds when I felt his body jerk suddenly to the side before I saw him crumble to the ground.

"Dan" I screamed as I stopped running looking frantically behind me to see about 10 men shouting and cursing as they continued to fire at us. They kept missing their targets and this was either because they were a bad shot or they wanted us alive. I was going for the second option because I knew these men were trained to kill.

"Dan" I cried again crouching down to his body. He groaned deeply and I looked down to where his hand was pressed to his side. There was a deep gash where a bullet had obviously nicked his stomach. The bullet hadn't actually gone through his skin but the gash was still oozing blood.

Dan tried to push his body back up with one hand but failed miserably as he gritted his teeth with frustration and tumbled back down onto his knees.

I thought at that moment how easy it would be me to leave him there and keep running. Then I could escape both Derek's and Dan's gang and get back to a normal way of life. I would be free.

But I know looking back at the advancing men, that I needed Dan to get me out of here. I needed his help otherwise I was done for.

So I put my hatred behind me and sighed grabbing one of Dan's arms and hauling it over my body.

"Eve what are you doing.." Dan mumbled out

"Saving your ass" I groaned as I lifted his weight off of the ground and Dan hissed at the pain "Can you walk?" I asked and Dan tentatively took a step forward. He gritted his teeth as he did so but nodded slowly.

"Come on then" I then continued to put most of his weight on my body as we stumbled into the dark. We weren't very fast and I knew our best bet was to find somewhere to hide instead of continuing running. It was a struggle for both of us to keep up this fast pace. I was struggling with Dan's weight and Dan with his wound.

We needed to find a place to hide and fast.

Outside of Derek's mansion was a field which me and Dan had easily run through before he got hit. Now the terrain had turned into a forest with trees and bushes and branches to snag at our skin and tear at our legs. I stumbled a few times over branches bringing Dan down with me. I knew we weren't going to last much longer as I could hear the clatter of the men only a few hundred yards behind us.

Then suddenly my eyes saw something only about 100 metres away. It was a small cave set in the base of the rocks but it was off the beaten track. It was slightly to the left so maybe the men wouldn't see it. You would only spot it if you were looking for it.

"Nearly there" I panted out of breath as I hauled both our bodies along. Dan's eyes had started to droop and I knew it was from the loss of blood. With one final push me made it to the cave as I sat Dan's body on the floor before dragging him backwards into the dark and out of sight.

I sat completely silent as my heart rate thundered in my chest. Please don't find us I screamed in my head over and over again. Too many thoughts were running through my head as I suddenly heard a mans voice.

"You found her Jack?" a man yelled out and I could just make out his feet a few metres from the front of the cave. I gasped at his closeness but slapped my hand quickly over my mouth. My eyes widened as his head snapped to the side at the noise and he took a small step towards the cave.

My heart rate picked up quickly as I tried to stay completely still. My own hand ruffly placed over my mouth to stop the noise of my breathing.

He was just about to take one more step forward when someone called out "I think they went this way" and he sharply tuned around before running off.

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