Colorful | Phan | Completed by danandphilphann
Colorful | Phan | Completedby ✌🏻
"Reason number one not to fall in love with Phil Lester, he speaks in colors." ~ Dan Howell is in his last year of high school when, thanks to a bet, he is for...
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Playing with Fire || d.h by haileysnothere
Playing with Fire || d.hby 🌙 Hailey🌙
Once you've turned 19, you're more than happy to get a chance to restart. You move to London to leave your old life behind, and work harder on your YouTube career. Howev...
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kiss me through the phone  by inkdjh
kiss me through the phone by rach
dan howell sent you a chat request I had two choices, either accept it or deny it.
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Phan One Shots by FallenMars69
Phan One Shotsby Mars_Isn’t_far
All of this is mine. If you're going to re use it PLEASE TELL ME FIRST! (Was originally a lot longer but those weren't mine so I'm redoing it)
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tune you out // phan by tadinof
tune you out // phanby -a
a soulmate au where on your 15th birthday your soulmate's favorite song at the time is stuck in your head, featuring pan!phil and a sexually confused dan warnings: swear...
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Our Life|| Dan Howell X Reader by thosefandomstho
Our Life|| Dan Howell X Readerby Hazel
You're one of the most famous youtubers there is. You were born in London, moved to America with the rest of your family, but eventually moved back to England to discove...
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daddy // phan a.u. by lilluskai
daddy // phan 🌻 lillie 🌻
in which dan is in need of money + a companion and phil is his sugar daddy. - lowercase intended
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the broken  by 2009dan
the broken by ✰
the air smells like the promise of tomorrow and nothing has ever smelled more terrifying
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Dan Howell Lemons {Requests Closed} (Slow Updates) by _kageyamas_abbs
Dan Howell Lemons {Requests Voltron Wiseass
Daniel Howell (●'∀`●) One of the YouTube girls favriotes. (≧∇≦) This smutty book about the British brown haired male will give you tingles of joy or a straight face of u...
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Phan Fluff by cosmichoseok
Phan Fluffby •𝓚
Much Phan, Very Fluff. Welcome to a book of Phan fluff oneshots! If you don't ship phan kindly leave by clicking that arrow to take you away from this one shot book :) ...
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ameliorate~ d.h & p.l {COMPLETE} by ficsetc
ameliorate~ d.h & p.l {COMPLETE}by x
pastel!dan x punk!phil au. ameliorate • verb. to make (something bad or unsatisfactory) better. ~ warnings (if you're not triggered by anything then don't read this bc...
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Youtuber Preferences by itslaurenjade
Youtuber Preferencesby ❤️❤️❤️
Youtuber Preferences! Currently Have: •Pewdiepie {Felix} •Markiplier {Mark} •Jacksepticeye {Sean} •Skydoesminecraft {Adam} •Game Grumps {Arin, Danny, Ross and Barry} •Ga...
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Touch - Phan  by SweetLittlePhangirl
Touch - Phan by ❤ SweetLittlePhangirl ❤
"'I miss you.' 'What do you mean? I'm right here.' He shook his head. 'No, I mean I miss seeing you. I miss your smile. Seeing you smile made me so happy. I'm sti...
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fun ; phan by danisonphilnotonfire
fun ; phanby dead acc
"Let's go have fun," - Phil, the school jock who towers over everyone in height, falls fast for a short boy named Dan. [COMPLETED]
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▸ ADDICTED → ALEX ERNST [ ✧ shavacado
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Phan parents oneshots  by glitteriscoolgirl
Phan parents oneshots by NovasMusicLife
Ever imagine what Dan and Phil would be like as parents? Well these oneshots are for you. There is no particular order in age wise but I will take requests if given the...
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Jerk, Sophomore, Howell. (Dan Howell X Reader) by uhohvicky
Jerk, Sophomore, Howell. (Dan ☆daMN SOn☆
HIGHEST #5 IN TAG danhowell A/N: this story is so AU that the line separating an American and British lifestyle doesn't exist. I'm American myself so if you have any ty...
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Internet Love    by fandomsandphan
Internet Love by Tori
You are a YouTuber, and a famous one at that. How much trouble can one stay with your best friends Dan and Phil be? I mean, they barely leave the house anyway... Final...
  • wattys2016
  • danisnotonfirexreader
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smut oneshots // phan by northhowell
smut oneshots // phanby lovely
a book full of smut oneshots because i'm a sinner (i don't own any of these) <3
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Maybe || d.h. x reader by Desi990
Maybe || d.h. x readerby Desi990
Being a YouTuber has its perks. You create amazing communities, you inspire loads of people, and you get to become friends with all your fellow creators that you've look...
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