TAKEN (chapter 22)

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Sorry it's a bit late xxx

The cold night air from the cracked window ruffled through my hair dragging it across my face. My body was huddled in the corner, arms cradling my body like a baby. My head was tucked under looking at the floor so I didn't have to actually see where I was.

I saw a tear slip down from my cheek to splatter onto the floor. I involuntary sniffed annoyed with myself for still crying.

I had been in this room (more like prison) for ages, so long that the sun was setting.

At first I was angry. I screamed at Dan for five minutes after he left just in case he decided to come back. I yelled and cried profanities at him using every curse word I knew.

Then I was sad. I cried and cried until the tears were splattering down onto the floor. I chocked on my sobs I was omitting as I clamped my hand over my mouth to try and shut myself up but I couldn't. I kept crying and crying hating myself for being this weak.

Then I was terrified. My hands started to shake so much that I had to clasp my fingers into my palm to try to stop it. My body crumpled to the dirty worn floor as I crawled myself over to the corner.

I swear I could hear noises. Bangs and squeaks tumbled into my ears and I shook more with each one. My head throbbed and ached as it still hadn't healed completely and it didn't help that I was starting to go crazy being kept in here for so long.

Where I had fallen over my leg was still slightly bleeding as the cut ran deep. I ripped a piece of fabric off my top and pressed it hard against the wound to try and stop the bleeding. I cursed under my breath as I did this as it sent a jolt of pain up my whole body.

I looked up to see the small light swinging above my head from the wind. The little light it emitted flickered with each swing.

I placed my head back into my lap sniffing once more before I heard a creak in front of the door.

I snapped my head up immediately being met with the eyes of evil.

"It's a bit lonely down here isn't it darling?" Chris laughed taking a step closer to the grated door and further into the light.

I turned my head from his gaze ignoring him completely. I didn't need to deal with him at this moment in time. He made me sick.

"Don't ignore me Evelyn" he chuckled leaning his chest against the door.

I still didn't even look at him. I couldn't bring myself to do it. I hated Chris and everything about him.

"Leave me alone" I spat taking a quick glance at him before I snapped my gaze away

"But don't you want my company?" he asked mockingly lapping up my fragile state.

"Leave Me Alone" I spoke each word clearer and louder trying to get my point across to the idiot on the other side of the door.


I suddenly broke

"Leave me the fuck alone!" I yelled jumping up to my feet and throwing my hands up in the air out of frustration

"Why are you even down here?" he asked completely ignoring my outburst "What bad thing did you do darling" he whispered slowly, resting one of his hand on a bar on the door.

"Why the hell should I tell you" I was repulsed at him and his behaviour "just go away!"

"Not until you tell me" he smirked knowing I would fall right into his trap

"Fine" I yelled "Dan fucking kissed me so I slapped him and then ran away. Happy now?"

I threw my hands down by my sides witnessing his reaction which was shock until he started to smile.

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