TAKEN (chapter 34)

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Hope you had a good Christmas and have a good New Year

"Are we here?" I asked as Dan pulled up outside a huge mansion.


It was now the next day and the night of the party. I still don't understand how we got here. How he managed to get me to come here with him after everything he did yesterday. It might have had something to do with the deal I made last night.

"A party?" I nearly laughed at the weirdness of the situation "There is no way I am going anywhere with you"

"Well you have no choice you're going" he stated getting ticked off with my attitude.

"I am not going" I shouted at him "Don't you see I don't want to be anywhere near you at the minute"

"You either go of your free accord or I will drag you there" Dan walked closer to me gritting his teeth angrily

"You go then. I don't have to go" I flailed my hands in the air exasperated by his presence.

"We all have to go. It's a client of ours party and we all have to attend and I can't leave you alone here..."

I quickly cut him off "So after everything you still don't trust me to be here alone" I scoffed at his stupidity.

"Its not like that" Dan yelled back at me

"Then what is it like then?" I called him out on his lies as he stumbled over another hopeless excuse.

As we both stood there in silence, gazing each other down until one of us was defeated, my mind was whirling with emotions. Every single thought was making me think deeply. How could he think I'd want to go anywhere with him at the moment and after all the things I've done he still doesn't trust me. It angered me more than upset me to be honest and my mind suddenly pulled something out which I knew I could use to my advantage.

"Fine" I yelled breaking the over bearing silence "I will go to the party with you.."

"Thank you" he spat almost sarcastically

"If" his scowl got even deeper with that one word "If you let me see my mother sometime in the next week"

It was like I'd dropped a bomb. You could see the inner turmoil Dan was having as I called him out on one of the promises he made to me the other night. This would truly show if he stood by his words or was about to screw me over. If he didn't agree to my deal there was no way in hell I was going to that party with him.

After a few more uncomfortable minutes in silence Dan sighed "Fine" he cracked grimacing like it actually pained him to let me win.

"Good" I smiled

I stepped out of the car and looked around to see hundreds of fancy people walking into the house. There were men dressed in designer suits smoking cigars and carrying gorgeous models on each arm. There were so many beautiful women around me. Their hair was beautiful curled and their dresses were absolutely amazing. Huge jewels hung around their necks and suddenly I became very self-conscious.

I started to play with the dress I wore, pulling it so that there were no creases in it. It was a long pale blue dress which pooled to the floor beautifully and hugged my body amazingly. The back was laced with beautiful embroidery and I was in love with it but I knew I didn't look anywhere near as good as these other women. Dan had taken me shopping yesterday and had brought me the most gorgeous silver heels which complimented my dress so well. I had tried to do my hair nicely by pinning some of it back and Dan had also let me buy some make up but I only had a little scattered across my face.

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