TAKEN (chapter 30)

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Sorry it's late I have loads of tests at the moment but enjoy!

Dan's lips left mine like a flash of lighting as he stumbled backwards. His eyes widened at the figure stood by the door looking at us. We were both a mess. Our hair was everywhere, our lips were swollen and my shirt was ruffled. It was so obvious what had just been happening.

"What the hell is going on"

No one moved or made a attempt to answer. All you could hear was mine and Dan's heaving breathing surrounding the room. I was still sat on the kitchen table my legs apart and I slowly closed them trying to not make it obvious.

"Nothing" Dan finally spoke an edge to his voice that I hadn't heard before

"Bullshit" Phil snapped taking large steps towards Dan so he was stood in front of him "You two were obviously just making out on the kitchen table and you call that nothing"

I had never heard Phil sound so angry before as I sat completely still my head bowed in shame.

"This has nothing to do with you, so drop it" Dan spoke through gritted teeth taking a large step towards Phil so they were only inches apart

"This has everything to do with me" Phil threw his hands up in the air in exasperation "Your feelings for her are making you weak!"

"You have no right to talk to me like that" Dan yelled his face becoming red with anger.

I can't believe Phil said that. I knew what he said was true but he was just pushing me aside. They were talking like I wasn't in the room, like I wasn't just standing a couple of feet away from them.

"I have every right, I'm your best friend" Phil yelled back his fists clenching out of anger

"This whole thing means nothing so back off" Dan pushed Phil's chest so he stumbled backwards a bit

"Are you telling me she means nothing to you?" Phil strode forward again, right into Dan's face

"Absolutely nothing" Dan shouted quickly, too quickly.

The room went silent after that, both of them not knowing what to say. However at the same time they both seemed to realise there was a third person in the room and they both turned their heads to look at me.

I sat appalled my mouth hung opened at their previous conversation. What Dan said had completely winded me. He said I meant nothing and in my head I knew that all along. But there was always a bit of hope that said he did care about me and what he was feeding me wasn't all lies but now I know they were.

"Eve..." Dan started walking towards me but I cut him off

"Dick" I spat as I pushed myself up from the kitchen table and made a headline towards the door.

I didn't even feel sad or angry. I felt disappointed. Maybe because a tiny bit of me still believed what Dan had said yesterday and I was disappointed he didn't have the balls to admit it to his best friend.

I felt him grab my hand but I wrenched it quickly  from his grip "Don't" I threatened my voice low and quiet. I stood staring into his eyes. Sad eyes this time, that makes a change.

"Eve I ..."

"You what? You didn't mean what you said to Phil back there? You only said it in the heat of the moment? You only said it to save your own skin? Save it please" I wasn't even yelling. I had only raised my voice slightly. I couldn't be bothered to waste my time on him anymore.

Throughout this, Phil just stood awkwardly to the side. Guilt evident on his face. I'm glad he felt guilty.

"Do I mean nothing to you?" I pressed on "Was I just some girl to mess around with for awhile before you decided just to toss me to the side? Did you not think for a moment how I felt? Oh course you didn't. You're Dan Howell, London's most wanted criminal, how could I forget. You think of nothing but yourself and whatever we were" I gestured between our two bodies "Is completely over"

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