TAKEN (chapter 19)

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"Get the fuck away from me" my voice cracked as my eyes opened to see his figure leaning over mine.

He instantly pulled his hand away from my face pulling his fingers delicately back into his palm. He reclined his body away from me slightly "Evelyn let me explain..."

"Get away from me" I repeated sitting up quickly before my head started to spin. My vision blurred as I screwed my eyes shut to rid myself of the pain. I groaned as I raised my hand to my head trying to stop the pain somehow.

"Evelyn please lie down" Dan tried to push my body down with his hand but I just slapped his touch away from me.

I opened my eyes again and that's when I noticed the dark stain of blood covering the pillow.

That was surely my blood but I couldn't remember getting hurt. How did I get here? I can't remember anything. Come on brain think!

I needed to get away from Dan, I needed time to think, if only my brain would work properly.

I stood up quickly only for my gaze to start spinning and I was seeing double of everything. I couldn't stop the spinning, why wouldn't it stop?

I tried to walk forward but ended up tripping over my own feet as I couldn't see properly. I was about to fall to the floor when I felt two large hands grab around my waist and catch me.

"Get off me" I whispered clenching my eyes shut one more time.

"No, Evelyn at least let me explain why your head hurts" Dan whispered into my ear as my back was pressed to his front. He dragged my body backwards slightly digging his fingernails into my hips so that I couldn't escape.

"You have two minutes to explain before I leave. Go" I grumbled still rubbing my temples trying to stop the massive headache I had.

"Do you remember anything from today?" he asked grabbing my chin forcing me to look at him.

"I remember..." I tried to rack my brains for any clue and my eyes widened as I suddenly came across one "we were sat in a cafe and then you got angry and dragged me outside. I think you left me to go and get something and then... I can't remember anything else" I sighed at the end, this was so frustrating.

"Okay so I left you to go get my keys" he reiterated "and then when I walked outside again you were being dragged by some guy and you screamed my name"

"What!?" I was shocked. I would of thought I would have remembered this. "what guy?" I demanded angrily sitting up straighter.

"One of Derek's men was trying to kidnap you or something, I'm not really sure what they wanted, I need to sort this mess out" he groaned running his hands through his hair messing it up.

"What happened then, how did I end up here?" I wanted to know everything ,but I think at the back of my mind I knew what had happened to the guy.

"Well that guy hit you over the head with the end of his gun to shut you up, that's why your head is hurting so much" he clarified gesturing to the deep cut I felt underneath my fingertips "and then before he got away I shot him"

He said the last sentence so quickly I nearly didn't catch it all. He said the words with no meaning like he didn't even realise what he had just done.

"Is he dea.." I whispered out, backing away from Dan's body on the bed

"Yeah he's dead" Dan cut me off obviously getting annoyed at my shock.

"How could you do that?" I croaked out, standing slowly from the edge of the bed and backing away.

"News flash darling it isn't the first time" he laughed before standing to his feet also.

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