TAKEN (chapter 36)

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As soon as he realised I wasn't going to stop him, he gently moved the fabric of the dress off of my shoulders . The dress swiftly fell to the floor pooling around my feet.

My mind and body were completely wrapped up in Dan and I didn't care what would happen next.

A small breeze washed over my exposed skin bringing goose bumps to life. I was only wearing my pants and bra but I didn't feel one bit nervous or ashamed of my body. I felt amazing and welcomed. I felt wanted. I felt needed.

Dan's ruff hands travelled from my shoulder and down my body. I could feel every cracked bit of skin press against my own damaged body. I didn't even shiver from his touch. This felt so normal, so raw that I had no reason to be afraid of his touch.

He lips slowly returned to my neck and I relaxed back into him, breathing out from the softness of them. They seemed to press into my skin so gently yet they made me feel like I was on fire. Like I was burning from the heat even though his lips were ice cold.

As soon as his hand reached my waist he pulled me quickly into him so fast that I gasped. I could feel his whole presence behind him. His front on my back, our hips touching, his lips on my neck, his hands on my waist.

I couldn't stand it any longer. I couldn't stand not seeing him. His body, his face, his lips. I needed to see him and I needed to know that he was as affected by this as I was. I quickly pulled out of his grip and span myself around. His eyes were staring at my body, looking down at me with lust and that was all it took for me to slam my lips to his.

The fire I felt before was like a match compared to the volcano which erupted inside of me as soon as our lips touched. His hands quickly grabbed my face pulling me even closer towards him as mine reached to his hair tugging on it ever so slightly. This kiss was rushed and needy. We both just needed to do this. We've been wanting to do this ever since the first time he kissed me, I just hadn't realised until now.

His lips moulded onto mine pushing harder and harder as we both kissed faster. His suddenly ran his tongue against my bottom lip so that I gasped and he pushed his way into my mouth. As the kiss got more heated his hands had got tangled up in my hair, wrapping the strands around his fingers.

I walked forward trying to deepen the kiss even more if that was even possible. This resulted in Dan taking a step backwards but still keeping our lips connected. He got the point as he kept walking backwards until his knees hit the bed. We both fell gently onto the bed breaking the kiss for only a second before we both rushed forward to connect our lips back together.

Dan grabbed my hips pulling he onto him so that I was straddling his lap. His touch literally burned into my skin as he keep his hands there, holding me close to him like I would leave at any second. There was something about this that I loved. Maybe because all of this was new and I'd never done anything like this with anyone. Or maybe it was who I was doing this with. This thought bubbled inside of my head making me push forward and tip my head to the side so he could kiss me even deeper than he was before. 

"Eve" Dan moaned out as I tugged harder on his hair than I had previously.

That was somehow so hot to me that it ignited a fire in my stomach. My hands slowly travelled down his chest until I reached the hem of his t-shirt. He knew what I wanted as soon as I started fiddling with his shirt. Dan broke back from the kiss to tug his t-shirt up over his body. His bare chest was revealed to me once again but this time it was slightly different. A large scar ran across the bottom of it. It was still fresh and new but Zeke had done a good job patching him up.

Before I knew what I was doing I had dipped my head down and gently placed my lips against his beautiful yet broken skin. His torso was hot against my mouth and I could feel his broken skin. Dan let out a small gasp as I did this. I don't know what made me do this but I felt like I could somehow make him feel better about it.

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