Am I insane? // Dan Howell x reader au  by honestlyphan_
Am I insane? // Dan Howell x reade...by honestlyphan_
"The devil is real, but he's not a little red man with horns and a tail, he can be beautiful."
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"Mr. Howell" by maddygorby22
"Mr. Howell"by SmutSlut
WARNING *hardcore smut ahead* Ruby is your typical high school student who has a huge crush on her teacher, Mr. Howell. But soon trouble comes along dressed in low cut...
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:DAN 《 danisnotonfire x reader by fictionalgoals
:DAN 《 danisnotonfire x readerby mae
How a single signature changed a life. {highest ranking #5 in fanfiction}
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Maybe || d.h. x reader by Desi990
Maybe || d.h. x readerby Desi990
Being a YouTuber has its perks. You create amazing communities, you inspire loads of people, and you get to become friends with all your fellow creators that you've look...
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Lost {Dan × Reader} by little_winged_angel
Lost {Dan × Reader}by unimpressing angel
Y/n moves to England after her mothers death to live with her grandparents. She's given the chance to live a new life, away from everyone she once knew. And her life see...
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Fluffy Phan One-Shots by mads040511
Fluffy Phan One-Shotsby mads040511
Cute Phan One- Shots, mostly fluff. Always happy endings.
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Broken- Dan Howell x Reader by literally_irrelevant
Broken- Dan Howell x Readerby mistake
With their closest and only friend, Y/N sets off to London. After meeting two tall YouTube's that they both get on with stuff happens and things become a little more dif...
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Bad Boys Don't Smile / phan by phanci
Bad Boys Don't Smile / phanby :phanci
Phil Lester is sweet and cute; known for his kindness and enthusiasm. Dan Howell is a tough, cold outsider; known as the school's stereotypical 'bad boy'. But if he's s...
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Alone | Dan x Reader | Phil's Sister by Calybear7
Alone | Dan x Reader | Phil's Sist...by Calymari
We are all alone in the world. But we can be alone together.
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ANTICHRIST | phan ✔️ by 1-800-LESTERS
ANTICHRIST | phan ✔️by em
"gay and psychotic; we're enough to make god cry." in which a boy with a face like an angel and dreams like the devil meets satan in black denim who chainsmok...
  • danandphil
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  • lgbtq
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blurry face - phan by phanci
blurry face - phanby :phanci
" my name's blurry face and I care what you think. " Dan Howell has an unknown condition where he cannot see faces - no matter what he wears or does - they ar...
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Unholy Fanart (Just Some Emo Pornography) by scaredycatscared
Unholy Fanart (Just Some Emo Porno...by † smother me †
A collection of the finest -graphic- fanart. You have no idea how unholy my camera roll is. Some fluff, some hardcore stufF. Legit just straight up pornography so be car...
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boy || phan by wreckthisphan
boy || phanby wreckthisphan
"you're an idiot but I'm an even bigger idiot, so let's fall in love" in which Phil is selectively mute but Dan can't hear so that's okay March 19 2017 - Janua...
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Phan Smut ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) by martha22jean
Phan Smut ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)by ✖lil twink✖
just your average book of some smutty & kinky daniel and phillip. enjoy! *updates every Monday, 10pm EST* yes, this is a re-upload. my stupid self didn't notice to mark...
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BUBBLEGUM | phan ✔️ by 1-800-LESTERS
BUBBLEGUM | phan ✔️by em
"harley quinn & the joker were more romantic than romeo and juliet, honey" 🔪 or in which two inmates steal some bubblegum and escape from the asylum for that...
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camping//phan by rickyblitzz
camping//phanby m.
[complete] what happens at camp, stays at camp ; copyright © 2016
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stutter by hxe-seok
stutterby 🐋
"say my name, dan howell"
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Dan Howell imagines TWO by depressedSummer
Dan Howell imagines TWOby Summer
Dan Howell imagines because he's gorgeous Highest ranking: Number 3 in danielhowell
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A Collection of Phan Fluff Oneshots by TheTrueTurtlegirl
A Collection of Phan Fluff Oneshotsby Turtlegirl
Oneshot collection started: February 17, 2018 Most of these oneshots are random and some may be connected to each other. Each vary, depending on how much thought and dep...
  • cutestuff
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transgender ➳ phan by alex-dawson
transgender ➳ phanby alex
my name is dan, not danielle × somewhat based off of the short film boy (HIGHEST RANKING: #2 in fanfiction)
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