TAKEN (chapter 21)

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I don't think anyone could understand that amount of fear I felt when he spoke my name. The syllables rolling so evilly across his tongue.

If I thought I was scared before, I didn't even know what the word meant.

His piercing eyes were not their normal brown colour. They weren't even his normal black shade, they were much worse. They were hard and strong and dark and in some ways mesmerising that I couldn't break his stare. They lured you in only to kill you when your back is turned.

His lips were twisted in such a mocking way it almost looks like he was happy to be here. In all honesty he probably was. The slanted lips which I had on my own this same day sent a shiver down my spine and all for the wrong reasons.

I hadn't even realised that my feet had taken my body back a few steps until Dan grasped my wrist so tightly

"Don't even try to run"

His fingernails pushed into my delicate skin making my hairs stand up on end. I couldn't get away, I was stuck.

How had he even found me. It was a huge coincidence that he had followed me in the exact right direction. He couldn't have found me that easily, it was a stupid thought. He must have something in me I wondered, like a tracking device or something.

My mind buzzed around me as I couldn't think straight, I was panicking and I didn't even know it yet. My palms had started to sweat uncontrollably as the tips of my fingernails curled into my palms.

"Let me go" I whispered out so quietly it was hardly audible.

"Really Evelyn" he laughed at how scared I was "you are so weak"

I tensed up at his words but still I don't make a move to get away.

"You think you can run away, just escape without anybody knowing, get out before I notice. You obviously don't understand how powerful I am, do you?" he taunted dropping my wrist put placing the gun closer to my forehead "you don't understand that I control everything about you now. You are mine now Eve, mine."

The gun was now pressed harshly against my skin as his face was less than a couple of inches from my own. He words struck deep inside of me. I wasn't his but I knew that truly I was. I didn't belong to anybody though. Even if I have to stay under his control for the rest of my life he will never own me. Never.

"You don't own me" I spoke clearly lifting my eye line up to meet his. His jaw seemed to tense as I finally spoke "I will never be yours. I will never be the property of anyone. I am my own person, no one else's." I was started to yell instead of speak "so don't ever ever say that I am yours" I was shouting now.

My brought his face even closer to mine but I wasn't backing away. I was not showing my weakness in front of him again.

"You have a lot of guts girl for saying all that when I could so easily shoot a bullet right through your head at any moment" he whispered into my iear pulling away smirking

"You didn't shoot me before, what makes me think you are going to now" I grinned back but inside I was dying of fear. I could feel it creeping up inside of me as my fingertips started to shake but I clenched them tightly so he wouldn't notice.

"Really? You really believe I wouldn't shoot you now?" he laughed through clenched teeth "you are more stupid than I thought". His laugh was one of complete evil and I hated it. The way it rolled off his tongue disgusted me.

"I'm not afraid of you" I confidently spoke

"Oh but Eve you are" he started moving his free hand towards me "look even if I touch you, you start to shake" he laughed as his ran his fingertip down my arm making me shiver.

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