TAKEN (chapter 37)

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Hey sorry this is really late. I'm doing my exams soon so revising is really high up on my list but I try to write this when ever I have time. Just know that I'm not stopping this story just the updates might have to be less frequent X

My eyes flickered open, the bright light making it difficult to focus. My gaze blurry one second and fine the next. All I could see however was a grey ceiling above me. I didn't know where I was. I tired to move, to sit up and look at my whereabouts but found that I couldn't. My body felt like it was weighted down, like it was physically impossible for me to move.

That was when I started to panic. I tried to move, I felt like I was thrashing and struggling when really I wasn't doing anything. I could only lift my head up and down and as I tried to move it slammed back against the floor sending a shooting pain to my brain.

Then I tried to scream but my throat felt like it was clogged up so much that I felt sick. I tried again and again but nothing happened, I only became weaker and weaker. My throat became sore even though I wasn't producing any sound.

My eyes started to well up but even the tears wouldn't fall. It was like my body was playing some sick joke on me. Making sure I couldn't feel or produce any emotion. It was making everything become trapped inside my head as I raised my head once more only for it to fall back on the floor again.  That was the only thing I could feel. Pain. The pain of not being able to control myself. Not being able to do someone as simple as cry. Maybe this was my subconscious way of showing what my life had become; Me being in no control of it.

Suddenly I heard a noise. Like a footstep on the floor. I snapped my head to the side to see a dark figure approaching me. My eyes widened in fear and I tried to move but was once again unsuccessful. However as soon as I blinked my eyes he disappeared.

Then I heard footsteps from the opposite direction and turned my head the other way to see two figures walking towards me. My heart beat faster and faster out of absolute terror but as soon as I blinked they disappeared again.

The sound of footsteps started to get louder and louder as I flicked my head from side to side as several figures started walking towards me from all angles. My breathing intensified as I tried to move. I needed to get away, I needed to run but I couldn't I was stuck. The dark foul figures kept moving closer and closer to my defenceless body.

I decided to squeeze my eyes shut telling myself over and over that if I couldn't see them they weren't real. I waited for the noises of their footsteps to go away but they only got louder and louder as they got closer and closer.

Suddenly I felt something as cold as ice touch my body. I snapped my eyes open to see the figures all looking down at me. The horrifying thing was that they didn't have faces. They were just dark, smoky figures with long outstretched hands coming closer to my body.

Their touch was so cold as my body went into full panic mode. My heart was beating so fast I knew I was on the verge of a panic attack. I could feel my breathing quicken, I could feel the screams getting caught in my throat, I could feel everything but I still couldn't move.

The figures all started to reach out for me, slowing sliding their hands up my legs. One of them reached for my top and started to pull it upwards exposing my stomach and then my chest.

I needed to get away from them. They were the dark demons I couldn't control. They owned me and my body.

Their hands roamed my exposed body as I tried to squeeze my eyes shut but this time my body wouldn't even allow me to do that. I was forced to watch what they were dong to me.

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