Youtuber Preferences  by Nerderdame
Youtuber Preferences by Nerderdame
-Markiplier -Jacksepticeye -Joe Sugg -Casper Lee -Jake Paul -Logan Paul -Danisnotonfire -Amazing Phil -KickThePj -LeafyisHere -FazeRug If you want any other youtubers...
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It's a Pastel Punk Thing by Deviltown13
It's a Pastel Punk Thingby .___.
Daniel Howell was a pastel prince. He wasn't popular, no, in fact he couldn't wait to get out of highscool. Excited to go to Yale. Philip Lester was a punk. He skipped...
  • kickthepj
  • phillester
  • âu
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scarred • phan soulmate au by ventients
scarred • phan soulmate auby atlas
an au where if your soulmate gets hurt, you get hurt. "mind if i sit here?" "not really" "hi, i'm phil lester" "dan howell" 1st b...
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Bully // Phan au by minyoongisbackupacc
Bully // Phan auby old account
Dan is bullied, Phil is a bully Finished October 31st 2016 All rights reserved @midnightphanfic 2016 {trigger warning! Don't read if you're triggered by physical + verb...
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Human - phan by PartTimeStoryteller
Human - phanby There's no fun in happy endin...
Dan is a dancer, but it's his best kept secret. Moving to a new college results in new friends, new hobbies and a new outlook in life; but what does it really mean to be...
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In Your Dreams // phan {featured!} by GypsyRover
In Your Dreams // phan {featured!}by käməˈkäzē
Dan Howell never wanted dreams. Because dreams meant he met his soulmate, and meeting his soulmate meant dooming them to a terrible life of memories about his anxiety-ri...
  • pjloguori
  • dreams
  • phanfiction
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sentient // phan by GypsyRover
sentient // phanby käməˈkäzē
After a horrible relationship turns young millionaire Dan Howell off boys forever, he has no choice but to turn to machines for companionship. But once his PL-34071- or...
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butterflies & hurricanes // phan by myhowellslester
butterflies & hurricanes // phanby liz ☆.。.:*
the tale of the prettiest street pianist phil lester had ever laid his eyes on and how he madly fell in love with him.
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What Do You Want Now? (Anti • Dark / Jack • Mark) by MixedFandoms_af
What Do You Want Now? (Anti • MixedFandoms_af
After Darkiplier and Antisepticeye found a way to over power Jack and Mark, they both were free. But Dark couldn't stop thinking about how Anti makes him feel, and Anti...
  • antisepticeye
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LA Devotee by Deviltown13
LA Devoteeby .___.
"Yeah it's been a while." Dan laughed. "10 years is longer than a while Dan" Dan and Phil have successful lives. They haven't seen their friends or f...
  • kickthepj
  • jyatt
  • danhowell
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Bad Boy; Good Lips // Dan Howell fan fiction AU by stydiamartinski011
Bad Boy; Good Lips // Dan Howell Babygirl
Y/N is a girl, an average, as normal as can be, school student who just so happens to find herself in a real sticky situation with the school's bad boys. She doesn't kno...
  • romance
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Rustling in The Dark (Darkiplier X Jacksepticeye X Markiplier) by Shadowhunter_IT
Rustling in The Dark (Darkiplier Fantasy._.Freak
Mark and Jack are pretty nice guys, but when they're out for a stroll in the woods, something happens and the are taken. As Jack makes a transformation, he falls in love...
  • sean
  • emmablackery
  • darkiplier
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Victim (Phan) by Dani_Phan_Meme_Queen
Victim (Phan)by Dani_Phan_Meme_Queen
(TRIGGER WARNING: MENTIONS OF RAPE, SELF HARM, DEPRESSION, SUICIDE) Dan Howell struggles with continuing on in his normal life after a close friend assaulted him. After...
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Fantastic Foursome Oneshots by aldheim
Fantastic Foursome Oneshotsby aldheim
A series of oneshots I created for my friends, they all add up to create different sides of one story.
  • fantastic
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@AmazingPhil Do I Know You? by mollchester
@AmazingPhil Do I Know You?by Dottymathers
{COMPLETED} Phil Lester is famous. Though not famous as you might think... Phil is famous in the internet; for being a fan account. Phil is famous almost everywh...
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Defying Society ➿ Daniel Howell AU by PHAN-TRASH-2022
Defying Society ➿ Daniel Howell AUby Satan
Daniel Howell, people visibly shiver at the young boys name. He was the real definition of a 'troubled teen'. He wreaked havoc everywhere he went. Little did he know tha...
  • dan
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Special Boy // phan by GypsyRover
Special Boy // phanby käməˈkäzē
In a world where everyone has a special ability, a "power", young Dan Howell is alone in having nothing to show for it. He now constantly, obsessively searches...
  • youtube
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New To Me (Phan) by phanoutlet
New To Me (Phan)by phanoutlet
Dan thinks himself to be straight. That is, until Phil enters the picture. Without warning-and most definitely without his permission-Dan begins to develop feelings that...
  • teenage
  • highschool
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Deluge (Phan) by eminent-
Deluge (Phan)by ˗ˏˋ dylan ˎˊ˗
[COMPLETED] In which Phil is a marine biologist and befriends the cynical and shy merman Dan. Things inevitably take a turn for the worse. •• MULTI SHIPPING #14 AWARENES...
  • troyesivan
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  • kickthepj
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Bruises. •Phan• by L17E02E
Bruises. •Phan•by 🍵😌
Trigger Warning: physical/mental abuse "You are the mistake that ruined my life"
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