TAKEN (chapter 38)

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This story has been getting so much love recently and I just wanted to say thank you X

"This was a bad idea"

The next day had come and I was totally unprepared. I was sat in the passenger seat of Dan's car trying to sort out my hair in the rear-view mirror. My hands were nearly shaking as I pushed and pulled my hair around but it still didn't look right.

I suddenly felt his hand grab mine and pull it away from myself. I sighed finally looking over at him.

"You'll be fine" Dan spoke softly running his thumb along the top of my hand "And she's your mother, it doesn't matter what you look like"

"But I have no idea what to say to her. No idea at all. I was supposed to plan what I was going to say to her but I have nothing. Do I tell her the truth or make up some lie. God I can't lie to my mother, she'll realise straight away...what?"

I spun around to see Dan softly chuckling at my little rant.

"You're stressing yourself out over nothing" he smiled at me then slowly raised his hand to my head pushing my hair back behind my fringe and somehow making it look perfect with one touch.

"It's just.." I was about to start again but Dan just cut me off

"Eve, just go and see you mum" he leant across me opening my door "Go, I know you want to" he nodded his head at the door. I reluctantly sighed, climbing out of the car.

"How do I look?" I asked running my hand down my top trying to smooth it out.

"Absolutely perfect" Dan answered giving me a smile which caused butterflies to erupt in my stomach.

"Okay, I've got this" I softly mumbled to myself about to close the car door but Dan stopped my right at the last moment.

"Whatever you tell her, I'm right here okay. Just in case something goes wrong" I nodded my head telling him I understood before I quickly closed the car door.

I was back in a place I never thought I would be. I was on the street I used to walk down everyday going to school. I was on the street where I learnt how to ride a bike. I was on the street that I used to play on as a child. I was on the street I used to live on.

I slowly breathed out before continuing to walk down the pavement towards my house.

I looked around at the trees and cars and a couple walking on the other side of the road. Everything seemed so normal. This was what my life was like before everything turned upside down. Normal.

I was just a normal girl a month ago. I knew nothing of guns, gangs and men. Now I was involved with London's biggest gang, stuck in-between a feud of two of them and I was in too deep with one member to ever leave.

And as I reached the front door of my house, I had no idea how to explain any of this to my mother.

Stupid as it sounds I was stood outside that front door for a good five minutes. I couldn't knock on the door. I don't know what was stopping me as I loved my mother to the moon and back. Maybe I was frightened, maybe I was nervous, maybe I was too happy to think straight, I will never know as when I finally reached to knock on the door, it opened itself causing me to become face to face with the person I missed more than anything.

The blonde hair was ruffled and dishevelled, she looked thin, too thin. Her eyes were red and puffy from over crying. She had no makeup on her wrinkled face and her eyes didn't hold their old sparkle.

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