TAKEN (chapter 17)

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His foot pressed down harshly on the accelerated making my body wrench forward as I hadn't put my seatbelt on. I didn't want to anyway, it would be easier to escape if my body was free.

Dan drove silently down a small rocky track with the house directly behind us until we came to a large fence surrounding the property. It was tall and had barbed wire running along the top of it. Overall it looked dangerous and I wouldn't be surprised if it was electric.

"It's electric so don't even think that you can get out" Dan confirmed my suspicions taking a key out of his pocket and pressing down on a button.

I didn't know what he was doing until I heard the squeak of the gates in front of us and realised the key opened them.

All I needed really was to get my hands on that key but I knew that was impossible as Dan placed it back inside his jacket pocket zipping it up.

As soon as the gates were opened Dan zoomed through them continuing on the dirt track which continued for as far as the eye could see.

"Where are we?" I asked after a while of the car being filled with silence.

"We are about a mile outside London in the middle of a huge country estate. The man who owns the estate is a client of our's so he lets us stay here" Dan swerved to the right pulling onto a main road with lots of other cars around.

I could so easily just jump out of this car, run to one of the cars and explain to the driver what happened but I knew that would all end really badly.

Fortunately I was happy we were still in London. If I had been taken to another country I would have no idea what I would have done. I was still near my family and that's what counts.

Dan quickly turned off the main road indicating before he pulled into a large car park surrounded by shops, cafes and restaurants.

He shut of the engine before speaking "If you even think about shouting for help or running away I will hurt everyone you care about without a second thought, starting with your mother"

His voice made my blood run cold. He couldn't hurt her, she was the most important thing in my life and he wasn't going to take that away from me.

"You don't even know where she lives" I shakily whispered looking up at his smirking face.

"There are a lot of things I know about you Evelyn, some which would give you nightmares" he chuckled before slipping out of the door and walking around the car before wrenching my door open and yanking my body out.

"Now, you stay close to me at all times and remember what I said, you do everything I say without fail correct?" He demanded pulling me towards the coffee house.

"Evelyn" he growled tightening his grip on my arm when I didn't answer

"Correct" I sadly said my mind still whizzing with questions on how he knew where I lived.

He dropped his grip on my arm to only go and grab my hand in his. His ruff, broken skin a contrast to my smooth delicate fingers. I shuddered at the contact but I could do nothing about it. The threat of his gun and hurting my mother making up the decision in my mind that I wouldn't argue or protest to him today. I did everything for my mothers sake.

He opened the door to the cafe and the bell was heard above the door. He pulled us to a table round the back of the room away from the other couples and families in here.

He dropped my hand to pull out his chair and I did the same as we both took a seat facing each other.

"Hey can I get you anything to drink?" a young waiter cheerfully asked standing next to our table.

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