TAKEN (chapter 29)

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Hey sorry it's late again X

"Left now" Pj shouted as I slammed on the brake and turned down into a dimly lit street.

We had been driving for just over 10 minutes but in that short time we were now near the centre of London. Even though it was dark, people huddled out on the streets. Drunk people walking home, business men finally finishing their work. It was like any normal night.

"Dan, Dan" Phil called shaking his shoulders from behind. He was slipping in and out of consciousness and his top was stained bright red.

"You sure I shouldn't be driving to a hospital?" I asked worriedly flicking my eyesight to Dan's crumpled body in the passenger seat.

"One hundred percent sure" Phil answered giving me a very forced smile "Someone get hold of Zeke" he ordered.

"Already on it" Chris spoke as he held a phone to his ear

I had no idea who Zeke was but he better be some brilliant saviour or else Dan wouldn't survive the night.

"Turn right in a hundred metres" Pj shouted out over everyone else's voices

"How far is a hundred metres?" I yelled back


I yanked the steering wheel to the right pushing everybody's bodies to fall the other way. I was driving this car at a stupid speed down a stupidly small road with terraced houses on both sides meaning lots of people could see us.

"Stop!" Pj yelled making me slam on the brakes and my eyes widened in fear as I lost control of the car for a minute. I squealed in fear before I felt another hand grab the steering wheel and the car stayed straight before stopping completely.

My chest heaved with relief as I sat trying to get my breath back. I looked up to see Phil with one of his hands on the steering wheel "thanks" I whispered

"No problem" he stated his chest also rising quickly out of stress mainly

The boys quickly hopped out of the car as I looked at Dan who was slumped forward his head on his lap. Fear started creeping up my spine as I quickly checked his pulse. His heartbeat was luckily still there but it was very slow. Dangerously slow.

Phil opened the door surrounded by the other boys and was about to grab Dan to lift him up when I shot out my hand.

"Stop" I ordered making them all give me a confused look "If you move him, he'll only lose more blood"

"So what do we do then, leave him here to die?" Chris scoffed as I rolled my eyes at his behaviour.

"No I need to find the source of the bleeding and plug it up somehow" I was mainly talking to myself as I threw Dan's jacket I was still wearing off my shoulders and chucked it onto the floor of the car.

"Um what are you doing?" Chris asked leaning his body on the side of the car as all three looked down on me.

"Stopping the bleeding" I looked up saying it like it was the most simple thing in the world.


"With my fingers" I almost grimaced as I said it.

I shuffled off the front seat and crouched down near Dan. There was little room in the car but I could make it work.

"Hold his head up" I instructed as Pj reached over and did as I said.

I slowly lifted his t-shirt, drenched in blood, up his rib cage until I found the material I tied around him earlier.

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