TAKEN (chapter 28)

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"Everybody get in the car now" Dan roared.

Everybody nodded quickly rushing to the car and flinging the doors open but I couldn't move. My feet were rooted into the ground as I stood staring at the on coming vehicle like it would disappear if I looked at it for long enough.

I finally thought we had made it. I finally thought we were free but this was Derek's way of tormenting us. We were in his little game of cat and mouse and unfortunately we were the mice.

"Eve!" Dan yelled pulling my gaze away from the jeep and towards him "Get in the damn car"

But I couldn't move I had lost all hope and all I could think about were those men catching us and dragging me back to hell.

Dan suddenly leant out of the car and grabbed my hand pulling me into the car ruffly before slamming the door shut and slamming his foot on the accelerator.

"Next time do as I say immediately unless you want us all to get killed" he spat as we sped down the country track, dust rising up all around us and clouding our vision slightly.

"I'm sorry" I yelled back over the roaring engine. It wasn't really all my fault I was just in shock. I turned back around to see Phil, Christ and Pj sat in the back pulling out pistols and guns and loading them.

"Is our plan seriously just to shoot them?" I questioned turning back around and facing Dan who was staring straight at the road. It's not that I thought it was a stupid idea it's just that I didn't want to see people dying again.

"Got any better ideas?" Dab asked mockingly as I stumbled over an answer "thought so"

I huffed talking before my mind caught up "Give me a gun then"

Dan head whipped around to look at me, raising an eyebrow at what I had just sat "Hell no"

"Why?" I groaned "If your plan is to shoot them then I want a gun. I'm not just sitting here utterly defenceless"

"There is no way I'm letting you have a gun" he yelled getting fed up with me, his knuckles turning white on the steering wheel as we still continued to race down the road.

"Why not? You weren't bothered about it earlier?" I questioned smirking

"That was an exception" he grimaced at me annoyed I had brought that up

"No it wasn't just give me a damn gun" I flailed my hands up in the air





"Will you two shut the hell up as they are about 10 metres away and we could all be about to die" Christ yelled silencing both Dan and I as he clicked his bullets into place "show time"

He then continued to roll down the right hand window and Pj did the same with the left. Phil was opening up the sun roof to fire out of that and Dan rolled down his window also though I didn't know how he could shoot and drive a car at the same time.

"So I'm just sitting here?" I grumbled crossing me arms

"Shut up Eveleyn" Dan barked suddenly wrenching the steering wheel to one side swerving the car drastically. I screamed as my body was pushed into the door and I could hear array of bullets be fired at and from the car.

"Aim for the tyres" Dan ordered everyone, apart from me, as I just sat trying to catch my breath. Dan says he doesn't want to kill me but he obviously does if he just pulled that stunt on me.

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