TAKEN (chapter 23)

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Sorry it's a bit late, enjoy!

I could hear the soft hum of his breaths next to me, travelling in and out of his body and I knew that he was asleep.

This was it. The time to pull off the plan I had been thinking through in my head for the last couple of hours whilst I lay here waiting for PJ to fall asleep.

His arm was still lightly draped across my body and I knew I had to be extra careful to squeeze out from underneath it otherwise I could wake him.

I slowly lifted his arm with my hand and crawled my body out from underneath it, landing silently on the wooden floorboards.

I tiptoed my way across the room where I grabbed the key for the dungeon.

If I wanted PJ to stay safe I needed to make sure it looked like he never helped me escape the cell downstairs. I needed to place the key back in Dan's room as if nothing had ever happened.

I felt a wave of guilt hit me when I turned back to look at Pj's sleeping body. He would probably freak out when he woke to find me not lying next to him. I would make him worry for my safety and I hated myself for that.

I also still had mixed emotions about the kiss we shared last night. I can't say I didn't enjoy it as that would be lying. I actually enjoyed it at lot. I had respect for him as he was the first man in this house who actually asked for my permission before kissing me. The others just did it by force.

I carefully opened the door so that it didn't creak as I slipped out into the pitch black corridor. I couldn't see anything but as I slowly moved my feet, I half knew the direction towards Dan's room and my feet carried me there.

His door was slightly ajar and I could hear a soft murmuring coming from the room. I peaked my head around the door for a second, checking the coast was clear before walking into the room.

It was completely empty, the bathroom door was open so I also knew he wasn't in there.

I walked tentatively into the room careful not to touch anything. The soft murmuring I had hear earlier was coming from the flat screen t.v that lighted the room up so I could see where I was going. I walked over towards the bedside cabinet where I placed the key. As I put the object back in its place I noticed a black bound leather book on the cabinet also.

I picked the book up in my hand curiosity taking over. I knew in the back of my mind that this was private and probably Dan's personal diary but at that moment in time I didn't care.

I was about to open the first page when I was interrupted by a voice.

"Evelyn please come home"

I tuned around to find a middle aged women crying relentlessly on the t.v screen but this wasn't any old women. I knew that voice, that face and those eyes anywhere.

She was my mother.

I dropped the book turning my body around as my eyes couldn't take themselves off the screen.

"Evelyn if you are watching this please come home" she sobbed her eyes red with tears "please just call or text me if you're okay because I love you so much and..." she couldn't even finish her sentence as her voice cracked "Please if anyone has any information about my daughter contact the police immediately, thank you"

She was gone. Just like that the screen crossed back to the newsreader and I lost the image of my mother once again.

"Mum" I cried running towards the t.v hitting it with my fist "Mum come back please, I'm okay mum, I love you" I whispered against the screen tears pooling my eyes.

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