TAKEN (chapter 31)

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On time for once!

"What?" Dan repeated narrowing his eyes at the crumpled piece of paper he held in his hand.

"A list of everything I want" I huffed snatching the paper from out of his hands. If I spoke the words instead of him reading them they would hold more conviction and seriousness.

He raised an eyebrow at me testing to see if I was being serious or not.

"I'm being completely serious" I spoke monotoned, reading his mind.

He looked around at everyone in the room who were all facing us. A look of amusement was laced over Zeke's face as he watched the scene unfold. His eyes met mine and he gave me a subtle wink. I smiled back in return. Zeke was becoming my favourite person in the house.

Dan finally gave up and wavered his hand around in the air "Go ahead then"

"Number one" I started and I heard the biggest sigh leave Dan's lips "If I'm staying in that room for a while I want a lock on the door and ..."


"What do you mean no?" I argued lifting my eye line from off of the list to meet Dan's.

"I mean you can't have a lock on your door" he grumbled placing his balled up fists on the desk in front of him and leaning against it so he was slightly bent over.

"And why not?" I took a step towards him placing my own hands down on the table and leaning forward. I didn't even react when he looked up and realised our lips were only inches apart.

It was like time froze as he locked eyes with mine. I couldn't see past his eyes I could only drown in their swirling mass. Dan seemed to be staring at me just as intensely as he subconsciously leant further towards me.

It was only when a floorboard creaked that Dan tore his gaze away from mine and we both came to the realisation that there were four other people in this room apart from us.

I kinda wanted to curse out the person who made the noise as it ruined the moment but then I remembered why I was here and who I was supposed to be mad at.

Dan seemed to realise this too as he awkwardly coughed and spoke again "If you locked your door how would I be able to get in?"

"That's the bloody point" I snapped pushing myself up from leaning on the table and taking a large step back "I need some privacy in my life"

"It's not happening" his voice was hard and held no emotion after our slip up earlier

"For gods sake Dan it's just a lock, let the girl have one. She needs a get away from you lot once in a while" Zeke spoke up for the first time as he came and stood behind me placing a comforting hand on my shoulder.

I turned my head slightly and smiled  up at him really happy someone was in my corner. He smiled reassuringly back squeezing my shoulder lightly.

"God dammit fine" Dan threw his hands up in the air "She can have a bloody lock"

"Thank you" I smirked almost cheekily

"Watch it" Dan snapped and my smile instantly faltered. I decided to just get on with what else was on my list.

"Number two. I want to go and buy some clothes which actually fit me"

"I think those clothes fit you very well" Chris smirked as he leant against the fireplace in the corner of the room. His eyes raked up my body until they met mine and his smile grew even wider.

"If you want another kick to the balls keep talking" I growled taking a large step towards him. He just leant forwards his smirk never leaving his face.

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