TAKEN (chapter 4)

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"My name is Dan, Dan Howell" he smiled tucking a strand of hair behind my ear.

I slightly smiled, I liked the name Dan. It fitted him perfectly, it was mysterious just like him.

Then I realised that he was my kidnapper and that I shouldn't trust him and that this could all be some 'nice" act before he kills me.

I snapped my head away from his gaze and bitterly laughed.

"Just kill me already" I whispered locking my gaze with his again and giving him my strongest glare in my frightened state.

He chuckled "not yet darling maybe later" and stood up

My stomach churned and I nearly gaged at what he said. To be honest I would rather he killed me now. Then the weight of his threat wouldn't be on my shoulders.

"I need answers from you before I kill you" he smiled evilly and turned back to face me

"What!' I spluttered "I don't know anything" I literally didn't know what he was talking about I knew nothing. I didn't know who Dan was, I didn't know where I was, I didn't know why i was here.

"But darling you do" I cringed at his pet name for me "remember that night outside the club, well I think you heard something" he smiled bending down to my height again as I was still strapped to the chair.

"I didn't hear anything" I nearly yelled at him. I was frustrated, "I didn't hear anything before I was forcefully kidnapped into a car by you assholes" I actually yelled this time finding this new strength inside of me. I was done playing the sad scared girl and I wasn't going to give up getting out of here.

Dan's eyes turned black then and he slammed his fist against the chair making me flinch but i wasn't going to be scared anymore and I tried to hide my terror "Don't lie to me Evelyn" he shouted inches from my face.

"I don't know anything Daniel" I spat back smiling as I had obviously annoyed him.

"Right that's it" he yelled standing up and pulling out a knife

I froze and my face turned white. This was it, my big mouth had been the death of me and I was going to die here and now.

Dan moved the knife closer to me an I whimpered and shook. "please don't" I whispered as he locked eyes with me.

He snickered as he pulled the knife closer to me.

I waited for the pain but it never came.

I looked down at myself and realised that the ropes tying my hands together were pooled at my feet. Dan had cut the ropes and nothing else.

I sighed in relief but then stopped when I felt Dan's hands tug me up making me stand on my feet.

"If you can't answer my questions then you will have to deal with the consequences" he grimaced pulling me towards the door.

"No" I said trying to tug my arm out of his grip "get off" I yelled wriggling and struggling to get his hands of me

"Darling I still have a knife you know" he smiled and that's what made me stop moving and go with his demands.

"Right" he laughed pulling me out the door and down the hallway.

The hallway was the same as the room, it was white and shiny and really clean.

I was dragged down the hallway until I meet the eyes of someone I hated with a passion.

Chris stood outside a door and smiled at me as I walked past. I glared at him but inside I was shaking.

"Sir I could take her to her room" chris said walking towards Dan and I. I looked up at Dan pleadingly. I knew he knew I was scared of Chris and yet all he did was smile evilly.

"Yeah that would be helpful chris thanks" he looked at me before pushing my frail body towards chris making me fall into him.

I pleaded with Dan one more time with my eyes. telling him silently that I didn't want to go with chris and hoping he would help me.

"Goodnight beautiful hope you sleep well" and with that he strode of down the corridor leaving me with Chris.

I turned to look at chris and found some new energy inside of me.

"Don't you dare touch me" I yanked myself from his grip and walked of down the corridor in the opposite direction Dan went.

I gasped as I was violently pushed back against the wall and Chris slammed his lips to mine.

He kissed me forcefully as I struggled and wriggled under his grip trying to scream out for help. Tears fell from my eyes as I was pinned against the wall with Chris's grubby fingers pushed into my skin on my waist.

He pulled back as I fell back to the floor in a crying mess "don't ever tell me what I can and can't touch" he spat before stalking off in the opposite direction.

I brought my knees to my chest and cried into my body shaking with fear and sadness.

I was abused by him and then he kissed me, i have never felt so disgusted in my life and I wiped the moisture off my lips with the back of my shaking hand.

"Hey you alright" a voice startled me and I snapped my head up and shuffled away from him back into the wall.

"Hey don't be afraid love" he said sitting down in the floor next to me "I promise I won't hurt you just tell me what happened?" The guy had short slightly curly dark brown hair and had a small cute smile on his face. He looked around the same age as Dan and was equally as good looking.

Why do all these horrible men have to be so nice to look at!

"Chris" I whispered that was all I needed to say, I didn't want to tell this complete stranger what had happened.

The man's jaw tightened and he weakly smiled "oh I understand what's happened I'm sorry, he does this a lot"

Those words worried me more and I shivered in disgust for that human.

"Alright come on love let's get you to bed you look shattered" the man stood up and offered me his hand. I happily obliged and he pulled me up towards him.

"I'm not gonna ask what happened or why your here because I think I can guess" he smiled at me and lead me down the corridor "and if you want to stay away from Chris, stay near me and I'll protect you, I hate that man" he chuckled stopping at a door and opening it. I trusted this man but I said that about Dan and looked where that got me.

"I don't know where the boss wants you to sleep so you can stay in my room for now" I started backing away he was just like every body else I knew it.

"No I'm sorry" he started apologising "that sounded wrong I mean you can sleep in my room to stay away from chris and i'll take the couch" he smiled opening the door and walking in with me following behind.

I decided to sleep in his room as I thought this guy was at least half decent and I really didn't want to run into chris again.

"Okay ill sleep in here" I stated walking over towards the bed and lying down " night .." I didn't even know this guys name

"Pj" he answered and I nearly giggled at his funny name but realised I was in a house full of kidnappers and I silently fell asleep my brain full of nightmares

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