TAKEN (chapter 11)

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"Hello love" chris smirked locking the door behind him and walking towards me.

My throat choked up at his voice, my lungs tightened, my heart rate picked up and my hands started shaking.

What ever was going to happen in this room was not going to end well.

I backed up, my back hitting the wall behind me. I had nowhere to go and nowhere to run. I was trapped.

"You will never get away from me princess" he smirked walking forwards until he was about a metre away from me.

"Don't" I spat repulsed at his pet name for me

"Awr princess" he took another step closer "you should have learnt earlier that you don't get to tell me what to do"

He ran his finger delicately down my cheek making me scoff and turn my face away from him.

He disgusted me on so many levels.

"Don't make this hard Eve" he grinned smugly at me before wrenching my chin forwards so that I was less than a inch away from his face.

"These clothes look good on you princess" I wriggled and struggled in his grip as he placed his hands on my hips holding me firmly against the wall "but I think they would look better on the floor"

A gasp left my mouth as I finally learnt his intentions and he just smiled. I wanted to throw up and cry and hurt him all at the same time.

I choose the last option.

I spat in his eye quickly making him yell and pull his hands away from my hips leaving me free to move. I kicked him where the sun don't shine. He groaned in agony hunching over in pain as he seethed "you will get it princess for that'

I ran away from the wall where Chris was still kneeled on the floor and made a desperate dash to the door.

I yanked and pulled on the handle only to find it locked "shit" I cursed in frustration, turning around trying to find the key. I ran to the floor where I had dropped it and picked it up grasping it in my hands.

I ran back to the door and was about to put the key in the lock when a hand grabbed my foot and brought me tumbling back down to the floor.

I whimpered in pain as my body was flipped over to see Chris hovering above me a grin plastered on his face

"It's not that easy to get away from me love" he smirked running his hand up my leg.

I tensed when he touched my thigh and my breath stiffened. "Stop" I begged struggling away from his touch.

Chris just leaned closer to my face "never" he whispered into my ear so that I could feel his breath against my face.

He left a sloppy kiss near the skin by my ear and I felt the tears prick my eyelids.

"Chris please I'm begging you, don't do this" I cried out between tears, now choking on them.

"Oh princess" he left another kiss on my neck "I" another one "really" another one "want" he looked right into my eyes "you"

He slammed his lips onto mine as I struggled and writhed in his grip. I tugged and pulled and turned but nothing could rid his lips attacking mine. I wanted to scream out but I couldn't as he tried to force his tongue down my throat.

He groaned at my weak attempt to get him off me and pulled back in anger "kiss me back" he angrily told me.

I shook my head choking on sobs and my own tears. I was too scared to talk.

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