TAKEN (chapter 27)

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I'm really sorry this is late. I'm going to start trying to do a proper schedule. I'm going to update this story once every 2 weeks, probably on a Saturday :)

I woke up to a mess of tangled legs. Mine folded over Dan's as his hand gripped my waist. My head was laid gently on his chest, even through sleep I was careful not to lie on his wound. His head was gently rested above mine, leant back onto the black rocks of the cave.

I woke up happy and relaxed for the first time in what seemed like forever. My mind and feelings and emotions were still running wild tripping me up at every moment possible. I was confused as hell at what I wanted but didn't need and what I needed but didn't want.

I wanted Dan last night but I didn't need him. But I need him to survive even if I don't want him.

I also wasn't worried at how close Dan and I had slept. If this was a few days ago I would have felt sick with the closeness of him to me but now I feel content. I didn't want to get up but I knew we had to start making a move.

I wriggled slightly trying to sit up to only feel Dan's hand tighten onto my skin on my hip "Eve, no, stay" he huskily rasped in a deep morning voice. That alone made me want to stay in his arms forever but I knew I couldn't.

"We need to get going" I countered gently taking his arm from around me and placing it on his own chest as I sat up.

Dan groaned as he sat up from behind me grasping his gash in his right hand. "It still hurting?" I asked turning around to face him and his face twisted in a grimace.

"Just a tad" he seethed gritting his teeth.

"Just a tad my ass" I laughed turning around completely to kneel in front of him. I grabbed the long stretch of material I ripped off yesterday before shuffling closer to Dan's frame.

"Arms up" I ordered as Dan's face turned to one of confusion. He was still shirtless from last night which added to the awkwardness of the situation.

"What are you doing now" he chuckled even through he complied with what I said and lifted his arms slightly above himself.

"Tying this around you" I mumbled as I slipped the material around his back until the two ends were over his cut. I could smell Dan's musk as I did this as the process involved me basically hugging his naked chest. I tried to tie the ends quickly as Dan's laughter at the matter had stopped leaving a silence to consume us.

"That should hold everything in place to mildly stop the pain" I spoke quietly as I sat back up onto my knees. I didn't notice how much quicker my pulse had gotten throughout what just happened.

I was about to push a piece of fallen hair back when Dan beat me to it. His slender fingers so gently pushed the hair back behind my ear before dragging his fingernail carefully down my cheek before taking his touch away.


"No problem, it's really nothing..." I stuttered shuffling away from him and standing up.

"Evelyn" Dan called


"Just accept the thank you" he smirked pushing himself to his feet also.

"Oh sorry" I mumbled "your welcome" I smiled back before brushing the dirt off my clothes "So where do we go from here?"

I was eager to get going. I wanted to put as much distance from Derek and myself as possible. That disgusting bastard made me want to be sick. Literally.

"At some point last night Pj texted me our location and where he's going to meet us" he brought out the phone as he talked "and actually the location is closer than I first thought. We should get there later tonight." He smiled up from the phone to meet my gaze

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