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Taken (chapter 15)

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New chapter enjoy x

"They" Dan pushed his hands through his hair "they are my worst enemies"

"What" I spluttered taken aback. I could tell that Dan didn't like them but why invite them into his house if he hated them so much?

"Just ask Phil about it, I have to go talk to them" Dan huffed taking a step backwards

"No tell me now" I grabbed his arm pulling him back to me. It felt weird, like everything was in reverse. I was the one pulling him back to me when normally it was the other way round.

"Look Evelyn I really don't have time for this" he ruffly snatched his arm back from my hold, flexing his hand after he did so "Phil will probably be in the kitchen, go ask him about everything"

"Fine" I groaned turning on my heel and striding down the corridor.

Everything was so confusing. My mind was going to explode if no one just told me information straight away. I didn't even know what the gangs 'job' was. I was kept in the dark over every little detail. I didn't even know what country I was in. I could be in Australia for all I know.

I rounded the corner into the kitchen, taking in the sight of Phil stirring something which smelled good on the stove.

"Hey" I announced myself leaning on the back of the counter.

Phil jumped and spun around his eyes wide until he noticed it was me and then his eyes softened 'hey" he replied.

"What you cooking?" I got of the counter and walked over looking into the pot.

"Some type of mince, probably gonna make spaghetti or something" He answered stirring the red meaty sauce before bringing the spoon to his lips to taste his creation "yep ready to go" he turned the stove off and walked to a cupboard grabbing out two plates.

"Want some?" he offered holding a plate out

"Yes please" I answered too quickly. I have literally only eaten a apple the whole time I have been here which has been around three days. I was famished I didn't know how I had energy anymore. I guess being in a house of kidnappers keeps you on your toes.

"There you go" Phil poured two very large spoonfuls of the mixture on my plate before handing me a knife and fork.

I hopped up on the counter eating the food as Phil watched me with a smirk. I was shoving the food into my mouth so quickly that I was hardly tasting it before I gulped it down.

"Slow down Eve you're gonna get ill" he chuckled grabbing my hand stopping my quick movements.

"Sorry" I smiled back before returning to eat my food slowly

"It's fine" Phil hopped off the counter and reached into a cupboard bringing out two glasses and beginning to fill them with water before handing one to me "There you go"

"Thanks" I gulped the water down quenching my thirst "I actually needed to talk to you about something" I had waited long enough to ask him about what the gang did and how Derek and Matthew were involved. Maybe I was scared of the answer. I don't know.

"Fire away" Phil set down his finished plate rubbing his hands together.

"What's your gangs 'job'?" I put air quotes on the word job as Phil's eyes widened.

"I don't think I'm allowed to tell you..."

I cut him off "Dan said I could ask you" I said placing my finished bowl down also

"Oh okay" Phil ran his hands down his jeans before starting "we are traffickers"

"What?" I wasn't really sure what that meant. I was clueless.

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