TAKEN (chapter 8)

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"So..." PJ began "you've meet Phil, me and unfortunately Chris" I scoffed at his name. Even that made me want to be sick. "and you've meet Dan"

"Dan's the boss right?" I cut in

"Yep Dan's in charge alright" PJ said fatherly angrily

"So where are you guys ranked" I didn't really know what to call it

"Well I'm basically what you would call second in command" Phil smiled proudly

" yep Phil's your guy to go to if you want to get to Dan. He trusts Phil's judgement the best because they have been friends for the longest" PJ clarified.

I nodded at this new found information and gently lent back down on the kitchen counter opposite the two guys. I had cooled down from early thank god.

"Chris is what you would call Dan's hit man" PJ spoke again

"Yeah he does all his dirty work for him" Phil spat and I shivered

"I'm guessing you guys hate him as much as I do" I asked

"Yeah he's a nasty piece of work" PJ shook his head in anger "he's abusive and objectifies women" he lifted his head to give me a sad smile "but he does the job well so Dan keeps him"

"And you" I questioned PJ

He half heartedly laughed "I'm at the bottom of the pile, the newbie on the block but I'm also the geek of the group. I deal with computers and stuff like that" he smiled

"No offence mate" Phil looked at PJ sadly "but PJ is like the lowest of the low so don't expect Dan to not hurt him either"

I don't know who this warning was to but I think it was to say, "don't get PJ in trouble because he can't escape it".

"Okay next question" I rubbed my hands together as it was quite cold in the kitchen "how long have I been here and what time is it?"

"Um" Phil flicked him gaze down to his watch "it's 6 in the evening and you have been here just under 48 hours".

"48 hours!" I half yelled. Where had the time gone

"You were passed out for most of it" PJ clarified smiling cheekily.

"Oh yeah" I smiled sheepishly back at him.

"Okay final question, because I'm starving" I smiled at the boys "why am I here?"

It was the question I had been dying to ask for ages now and I just wanted a straight forward answer from them but by the looks in their faces I knew they weren't going to give it to me.

"Um...Phil do you want to answer this one" PJ cheekily passed the awkward question onto Phil.

Phil glared back at PJ whilst he just smugly grinned.

"Okay fine" Phil huffed running his hands through his hair "you remember that night outside the club right?"

I nodded telling him to continue

"Well that night we had some business to attend to" he stumbled over his words then, unsure of what to say "and we didn't really realise that you were stood there"

I have him a confused look to which he just groaned and tried explaining again.

"Basically myself and PJ were doing some business on the phone and we didn't realise you were so close so you could have heard our whole conversation and that is why we decided to take you because you know information you shouldn't"

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