Kiku: 06

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Ever since last night things have been awkward between Kiku and I, both of us avoiding each other. 

Or at least I was avoiding him. 

I meandered down the hallway, no real destination in mind. Walking had kept me too focused on thinking about the dream and Kiku holding my hand...until now.

I let out a sigh, shaking my head. I don't want to think about anything troubling right now. I walked past the foyer when I heard a faint, nearly inaudible cry.

What was that?

Thinking I had perhaps imagined it I paused, standing still until I heard the noise again. Without thinking I opened the door.

Reader: Oh!

A black kitten sat on the cement steps, meowing. It looked rather thin and was shaking.

Reader: You poor thing!

I got to my knees, scooping up the little kitten, affectionately petting it. It kept mewling.

Reader: What's wrong? Perhaps you're hungry.

Hm, I'm sure there's some food in the kitchen I could scrounge up for the little guy. The kitten let out a sneeze, entire body shaking. I scooped him (or her) and placed them inside my top, hoping I could help warm them.

Fast footsteps reached my ears and before I knew it there was a fuming Kiku standing behind me.

Reader: Oh...!

Kiku: What are you doing?

He demanded, lips in a tight scowl.

Reader: I wasn't doing-

Kiku: Trying to runaway?

Reader: No!

He cut me off, not listening.

Kiku: I'll show you what happens to those who betray me.

He grabbed my arm, yanking me to my feet.

Reader: Kiku just listen to me!

He prepared to drag me back into the house when he froze at a soft meow. He slowly turned his head, eyes going down to my top where the kitten had poked its head out. It meowed again.

Reader: Kiku?

He hadn't moved an inch and his face was beet red. Finally he whipped his head around, facing away from me.

Kiku: If you keep that thing you're responsible for it; I won't help you!

Reader: Ah, I can keep it? Thanks so much Kiku!

I grinned, gently petting the black kitten's head.

Kiku: Whatever. Just keep it away from me.

He said, beginning to walk away.

Kiku: And don't forget to bring my cake!

He stomped off, a large smile on my face. 

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