Francis Bonnefoy: Dark Prologue

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Francis: Hmm, how intriguing. The mortal chooses me, of all people. Well, isn't that a surprise? I'm flattered.

I ended up choosing Francis. Is this really the right decision? He sounds vain and haughty, especially with his sarcastic remarks.

Francis: Don't worry, my rose. I'll fulfill all your miserable desires in the blink of an eye.

How can he say such twisted things?! Although he may seem sweet from one perspective, I can tell that Francis's way of thinking is absolutely cruel.

Arthur: What a stupid decision to make. I can understand you choosing myself, but Francis Don't come crying to me once he breaks you.

Ah... The air just turned cold?! Everyone is staring at me strangely. Have I really made the wrong choice?

Arthur: Well, if you do need a shoulder to cry on, love, you can come over to my room. For a price, of course.

Arthur is winking at me. How smug...

Just the sight of these vampires makes me cringe. All they want is my blood. Honestly, they're just like animals.

Francis: ... You really are a troublesome one, aren't you?

Reader: A-ah, I'm sorry...

Though I have no idea why I am apologizing, maybe it's better for me to stay observant for now. Besides, I don't want to get on their nerves.

Francis: From now on, you're my rose. If you want to bloom properly, you should only be taken under my care. Is that understood?

Reader: Y-yes, sir.

Francis: Oh, don't be so formal!

U-uh... Why is he leaning so close?! I can feel his cold breaths tickle my skin. What odd sensations...

Francis: It's Francis. Nothing more, nothing less. Of course, you're welcome to call me anything more... enticing, if you wish.

Reader: I think I'll stick to Francis, Francis!

He's chuckling! How mean... 

Ludwig: Well, you both best be on your way. The full moon is out tonight, and I feel like going for a hunt.

Feliciano: I'll join in!~ Have fun while we're gone, you two!

One by one, they all leave us. Standing alone with Francis... I'm suddenly nervous. Maybe if I try to start a conversation...?

Reader: Umm... So, what do you usually–

Francis: Mn...

Reader: –?!

He suddenly kissed me! I'm frozen in place, unable to move from shock.

Francis: Good... just like that... Melt under my touch...

No– Francis is bending over my neck...!

叫ぶ。→ Shout. [Resistant]

黙っている。→ (Remain silent.) [Submissive]

Reader: Stop it, please!

It's no use. My words just travel through one ear and out the next. His fangs are grazing my neck!

Francis: Mn... Haa...Strange... Your blood is quite... familiar.

Reader: A-ah!

It hurts! I can feel blood trickling down my skin and yet...When I stare into Francis's eyes, I become even more frightened. Somehow, his vacant eyes are void of any love or emotion. Is this what it means to be a vampire? To lose yourself entirely?

Francis: Heh, look at you. Already at our limit, are we?

That isn't good.

There is a lot more pain to come tonight.   

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