Arthur: 01

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- M o n o l o g u e: A r t h u r -

Trembling hands.

They reach out, seeking for something to hold. Something to keep them grounded.

They reach out for me.

Bloodied, cracked fingers graze over my hands, then fall back down. How did that happen? Who did this?

I try to shift my gaze up to this person's face, but a bright light blotted everything out.

Through the light, there were only two things I saw for sure.

Tears, one after another, racing their way down stained cheeks.

Then, two words, whispered by soft lips.

'I'm sorry.'

- Pov: Arthur-

What was that? A dream? Odd... Who did I see, in that dream? They seemed strangely familiar.

Another thing for me to deal with. My mind tried to remember what I just saw, bloody fingers on my hands, tears flowing down round, soft cheeks.

I let out a sigh. Maybe I should check up on ____, just to keep my mind off things.

- Pov: Reader-


"... No answer. Is she still asleep? May as well allow myself in. Wow, she really is still asleep. Did I take that much blood from her? Even though I made sure..."


"Wakey- wakey, ____. You can't stay asleep forever, you know."

"Hnnn.... eh?"

I feel someone gently shaking my shoulder. When I open my eyes, Arthur is hovering over me, a slight frown on his face. I try to hide my shock. 

"Good morning, love. Did you get enough rest? You definitely had it harsh yesterday."

Arthur is being so friendly, the complete opposite from yesterday. Is this really the same person? His voice sounds genuinely concerned...

"G-good morning! I feel... a bit better today, to be honest..."

"Oh, that's good. I was actually beginning to get a little worried... N-not that I really was! I just thought maybe you couldn't handle such"--

"There's nothing wrong in being worried."

His ears are turning red...Arthur is a lot different than what I initially thought. He seems more... sensitive, almost. He stood awkwardly, avoiding eye contact.

"S-still...! J-just hurry up and come down for breakfast. I'll be waiting-- Make sure you come, or you'll regret it!"

"He left..."

Arthur got so easily flustered just now, like he actually cared. Was he only acting crazy yesterday because of the full moon? He really isn't as awful as I thought ...Maybe being here won't be that bad.

- D a r k 0 1 E n d -

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