Feliciano: 05

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-Reader: POV-

I awake with a jolt, body covered in cold sweat. That dream...No, nightmare. My eyes slowly adjust to the darkness, a figure standing in the corner by the window, eyes glowing.

Reader: Ah!

I let out a yelp, pulling the blanket above my head. The figure stepped closer to the edge of the bed.

Feliciano: What are you so afraid of?

He whispered.

I peeked out from behind the blanket, his face close to mine. What's that strange expression? It was a confusing mix; I was unable to decipher what he was feeling. Sadness? Concern? Disinterest?

He ran a finger down my cheek, it impossibly cold.

Feliciano: There is nothing to fear with me by your side.

Despite his comforting words they seemed emotionless and hollow. Or worse, hiding a dark secret. Looking into his shining eyes I know I won't be getting any more sleep tonight.

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