Kiku Dark Prologue

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Kiku: Hah, you chose me? What a pain.

I ended up choosing Kiku because he seemed the most normal out of them... But now I'm regretting my decision. He seems really angry that I chose him!

Kiku: I won't go easy on you. It's your fault for not being the Chosen, anyway.

Even if that's so... He doesn't need to be so brash about it!

                Yao: Interesting choice, ______. You decided upon someone completely the opposite of yourself. (chuckling) Our home will be a lot more amusing from here on out.

                 Feliciano: Your decision doesn't make sense, bella. Still, I can't do much about it...

Everyone is staring at me strangely. Have I really made the wrong choice?

Yao: If Kiku gives you a hard time, be sure to drop by my room. I'll be sure to give you some proper... relaxation.

Relaxation? More like a chance for him to suck my blood...Kiku grabbed on to me, gripping my arm.

Kiku: Don't even think about touching her. She's my prey, from here on out!

               Francis: ... So sensitive., he says with a smirk.

Kiku ignored them, dragging me down the ornate halls. I have no idea where I am, or what I'm doing. I simply follow him, as blind as a bat. Still, his sharp words resonate within me. The fact that I am prey, and nothing more. What will happen to me from now on, I wonder?

Kiku: We're here.

Reader: A-ah!

He tossed me onto a bed! He really is rough. Ouch... The place where I was hit before stings, sending ripples of pain throughout my body.

Kiku: Finally, I can shut you up.

He leaned over me, pinning my arms down–I can't move!

Reader: W-what are you doing?!

Kiku: You're as noisy as ever. It seems like you need to be disciplined.

He leaned down, close to my neck, opening his mouth wide.

...Fangs. The moment I spot them, my vision blurs..

What should I do?!

Protest. [Resistant]

Give up. [Submissive]

Reader: N-no! You can't do this!

I immediately struggle against him, but he's too strong.

Kiku: Haa... Don't move! Or do you really enjoy being punished this much?

He gripped my arms tighter in anger. It hurts!

Kiku: Mn... Haa...

My mind goes blank as his fangs pierce my neck. Pain shoots through my body, but I try to hold my voice inside me, not wanting to give him the satisfaction of hearing me cry out, clamping my jaw shut.

Kiku: ...Your blood... It's strange... Familiar, even. No way–you can't be the Chosen!

Right. There's no way I'm the Chosen... But with the grave look he is giving me, I can't help but believe him.

Reader: K-Kiku... It hurts...

Kiku: Hah? It's supposed to hurt, idiot.

I'll make it hurt even more. You will regret everything, _____.

Regret... What am I supposed to regret? My existence? My decision to choose Kiku?

The more I think about it, the more my head hurts. Kiku leans forward again, a glint in those ruby eyes. He has the widest smile on, but I don't understand why. I recall what Yao says–that the full moon is out tonight.

...I'm scared.

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