Alfred: Dark Prologue

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Alfred: You really are an idiot. Did you think choosing me would change anything?

I ended up choosing my childhood friend, Alfred, but it seems that he's transformed into an entirely different person. I'm beginning to regret my decision...

Alfred: Idiot, you're too clueless for your own good. Stop muddling into people's business when you don't even have the right to do so!

Those bitter words shake my heart. I don't understand how such a soft-hearted person could become this spiteful.

What happened in those ten years we spent apart?

Francis: Poor rose. It seems like you aren't going to find any solace with a man you once trusted. What a shame, you should have chosen me instead.

Everyone is staring at me strangely. Have I really made the wrong choice?

Francis: Ah, but if you ever feel a change of heart, I'm always waiting.~

I really don't want to switch now. Even if this is the wrong path... I want to trust Alfred again.

I look up at him to see a scowl on his face.

Alfred: Do whatever you want. I'm leaving.

Wait... what?! I chose him with the thought that he would stick by my side. I don't want to be left alone with these strange people!

As much as I hate it... I should follow him.

I enter the hallway, chasing after him.

Reader: Alfred, wait!

Alfred: What it is it, idiot? Do you want to be sucked dry that badly?

No... It's not like that...

But saying that I ran after him because I thought I would be safer here would vex him even more... What should I do?

とんでもない!→ No way! [Resistant]

黙っている。→ (Remain silent.) [Submissive]

Even though I hate the thought of doing so... I decide to remain silent. If I resist, this "new" Alfred will become even more angry.

Alfred: Heh, how desperate. I'm a little disappointed that you're giving up so soon.

Alfred: ...Fine. I'll be sure to drink every bit of your blood, until you can't run after me anymore.

He edges closer, his strong scent filling my nose as he presses me against the wall.

Alfred: Tch... stop struggling. It's useless– Mn...

In seconds, his fangs sink into my skin. I can't breathe from pure fear.

Alfred: ...Haa...You were foolish... For...trusting a vampire like me.

Although Alfred's bite stings, his words sting more.

...Will we ever be able to go back to those wonderful days?

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