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- M o n o l o g u e: F r a n c i s -

Bright sun. A vast, open sky. It seemed to go on for infinity, a never-ending blue canvas with tufts of white here and there.

It was so peaceful.

A figure gently sat down beside me in the grass. I turn to face them, but all I can make out is a white dress, the woman's face hidden by a golden sun hat.

'It's beautiful today, isn't it, Francis?' She spoke, looking straight ahead. 

A faint breeze pushed her hair forward, and she held it back with a gentle hand.

'Yes, it really is.' 

Vivid arrays of wildflowers danced with the wind, waltzing with each tender caress of the air.

She reaches out, ribboning her fingers through my own.

'Francis,' she started, still gazing directly ahead. 'Do you think this will last forever? That we will?'

For the first time, I found myself at a loss for words.

- Pov: Reader-


I recoiled from the pain prickling across my body. I'm aching everywhere... and how did I get on this bed? It's morning already...Why do I feel something wrapped around... my waist?

               "Good morning, my dear. Awake already?"

"A-ah! Francis?!"

He's holding me from behind... really tightly! I struggle to push him away, but he won't budge!

"Oh? Isn't it nice, being in my arms? We were like this the whole night, you know.~"

W-what?! The whole night?!

"P-please let me go!"

I can feel my face burning up-- this is really embarrassing!

"Hmm.~ I thought you would like staying in my warm embrace, but no matter. Your wish is my command, my rose."

Ah, he let go... I was sure that he was going to keep holding onto me, but I guess not... Francis seems to be much calmer today. Not to mention that he actually listened to my request, which I definitely wasn't expecting. He stood up, striped silk pajama top buttoned half way. He pulled out a hair tie from his pocket, pulling his wavy blond hair away from his face.

"Come, I'll prepare you breakfast. I'm the finest cook in this house, so come down to the kitchen once you get washed up, all right? It's my treat. I promise, you'll love it."

"Ah, okay..."

Francis is being so polite now, and actually is respecting my personal space... He actually seems to be very considerate. I think I may like staying here...

- D a r k 0 1 E n d -

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