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-Scene: Reader's Bedroom-

I jolt awake, body covered a cold sweat. My breathing was fast, heart threatening to burst out of my chest.  I shakily brought my knees to my chest, hugging them.

Reader: I thought those dreams were over...

Yet something new was there, the image of the young boy obscured by blinding sunlight. Who is he? And why does he feel so familiar?

Like a long lost friend.

My hands were clammy, trembling. Grabbing my pillow I clutched it to my chest, tiptoeing out into the hallway. The house is strange at night, entombed in complete darkness.

I stop in front of the bedroom door, hesitating before grasping the round knob, twisting it open. Quietly I tiptoed to the edge of the bed, a body covered by blankets.

Alfred: What is it?

I nearly jumped out of my skin, thinking he was asleep.

Reader: I uh, I was wondering if...

I swallowed, feeling the lump rising to my throat.

Alfred: Spit it out already.

Reader: I had a nightmare.

Alfred: What are you, a child?

He let out a sigh.

Alfred: If you're worried about that vampire-

Reader: It wasn't that!

Alfred: So what was it?

I clutched the pillow tighter, unable to form the words.

Alfred: Fine.

Reader: Huh?

He lifted the blanket up slightly, inviting me inside.

Alfred: Are you getting in or not?

I startled into action, climbing inside the spacious bed. He moved over to the right, leaving me some of the blanket. I crawled under the covers turning to my left, our backs facing each other.

The bed is so warm as I nuzzled against the pillow.

Ah, the blanket smells like him.

A small, secret smile crept onto my lips. He really is looking out for me, isn't he?

I opened my mouth, whispering into the night.

Reader: ...thank you, Alfred.

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