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Another day has gone by. Is any of this truly real? I tentatively reached towards my neck, fingertips grazing the bruises left on my skin.

Reader: Sigh...

Yes, this was real all right. I have no idea what these men expect of me. I'm supposedly their 'Chosen one'. No, they had decided I wasn't, after all. Yet I'm expected to go through with it anyway if I want my freedom or life. A cool chill raced down my spine, tugging protectively at my arms.

I gripped the feather duster tighter in my hand, slowly going around the room, ridding things of their dust. One of the others had decided I wouldn't be allowed to just 'sit around all day', making me work. No matter how hard I tried keeping my mind busy it'd wander to dark places.

I can't help feeling I got dealt a bad hand of cards, unable to do anything with what I was given. My chest tightened at the realization no one knows where I am. Is there someone out there looking for me? Tears burned their way forward at the answer, quickly blinking them back.

Ivan: Ah, there you are _.~

I jumped, startled as Ivan entered the room. I was too caught up in my thoughts to hear him approaching.

Ivan:  _? What's wrong?

Reader: Nothing.

I smiled, turning to face him.

Ivan: What are you doing?

Reader: Cleaning?

He frowned briefly before flashing a smile.

Ivan: Is that so?

Reader: I-Ivan?

He walked towards me, grabbing my arm.

Ivan: Just come with me, da?

I slowly nodded, unable to look him in the eyes. Having no choice I followed him into the living room where the others were casually sitting around.

Arthur: Already holding hands?~

Feliciano: Must be nice. Sometimes I get so cold; it'd be great if you'd come warm me up _.

He leered, eyeing me up and down as if he might devour me.

Reader: O-ouch!

Ivan's grip got tighter! I tried to wrestle free but his grip is too tight-and it seems as if he hasn't noticed!

Alfred: Hey, you're hurting the girl-

Ivan: Who told my beautiful sunflower to clean?

The air went still. Ivan waited with an impossibly large smile on his face, no one even daring to breathe.

Ludwig: ...It was me. I won't have any freeloaders in my-

Ivan: In your house? Who put you in charge? It isn't nice to force people to do things.

Ludwig:...I suppose I should've asked, then.

Ivan: _ is still feeling weak. Besides, she is the Chosen one, right? Shouldn't you be the one catering to her?

Ludwig averted his eyes, no one willing to answer him.

Ivan: RIGHT?

Reader: I-it's okay, I'm fine so-

He turned to look at me, my blood turning cold.

Ivan: It isn't your fault, _. From now on only listen to me, da?

I nodded, him smiling, patting me on the head.

Ivan: Good girl~


-Scene: Bedroom-

I slipped under the bed's covers, ready to go to bed as the moon rose outside my window. The door clicked open, Ivan standing in the doorway.

Ivan: Ah, you're still awake. I wanted to say goodnight.


Ivan nearly filled the entire doorway-it's hard to forget how large this man really is. Yet that isn't what had my attention. He wore striped pajamas, white fuzzy slippers on his feet. He looks like a giant teddy bear!

He sat on the corner of the bed, handing me a folded pile of clothes.

Reader: What are these?

Ivan: Pajamas.

He smiled, Aren't they cute? I thought we could match! I bet you will look adorable, like a little animal.~

I could feel my face starting to get warm, quickly taking them from his hands.

It's strange...he's acting completely different from before. Is he even the same person? Yet his smile is real this time.

Reader: Thanks...

Even though he was sitting on the edge of the bed he feels so close, feeling myself getting pulled towards him from his weight.

Reader: Well goodnight, then...

Ivan: Aw, you don't want a bedtime story?

A bedtime story? Am I a child?

Reader: I'm pretty tired so not tonight. Sorry...

Ivan: Haha you don't have to apologize. We'll save it for another night.

He stood up walking towards the door, turning back with a smile.

Ivan: Goodnight, _. 

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