Yao: 04

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-Monologue: Yao-

Round eyes

Cheeks stained by tears

I reach out, knowing only I have the ability to erase their pain

Yet...Is it truly the best?

Time has moved on without me, reminding me of my mistakes

Round marks on skin scream out

Could I erase the past so easily?

Is it right?

Sullen eyes plead, tearing me in two

In the end...my actions have sunk into heart, staining it black

-POV: Reader-

I stand outside Yao's door, chewing the inside of my cheek. That picture...why does he have it? I want to barge inside and demand how he knows father. That man...my hands began to shake, clenching them by my side. I close my eyes, letting out a deep exhale. If I were to ask I'd have to admit I was snooping around and face punishment. Which might mean him sucking my blood.

I hate it. 

I thought he and I were finally getting along yet it seems I'm nothing more than a nuisance. Even so he won't let me leave, treating me as though it's MY fault I'm not the 'Chosen'. I wish they'd give up already. He seems to know the most about the Foretelling yet he decides to keep the information to himself. I can't help but feel he's selfish.

No...It's better if I keep things the way they are. Bringing up matters like that will only make my life here more difficult. I let out a strained chuckle, leaning my head back. Am I really okay with this? Does it matter? It's not like I've had a choice since the beginning. Fate has never been kind to me. Perhaps it's better to go with the flow, even if that means being lead into treacherous oblivion. 

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