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Life Reset  by thatlistlessfangirl
Life Reset by thatlistlessfangirl
2nd chances are for fuck up's who can't do anything right. The last nation on earth was exactly that and therefore gotten a 2nd chance which he will use to save his frie...
Instincts | Hybrid! Hetalia x Reader by KrystalSunset118
Instincts | Hybrid! Hetalia x Krystal
In a world where hybrids exist, and are treated like animals despite their human characteristics, a young female by the name of (Y/N) bids her good friend goodbye and wa...
Small Secrets; Big problem by Dark_Vada
Small Secrets; Big problemby Canisleepnow
America is the loud, obnoxious, immature nation the countries know, right? But what if he wasn't? What secrets surface after a more than odd call shoves the crew of nati...
This Is Our Last Song by Spiritmoon23
This Is Our Last Songby Merik
The year is 2051. My name is Alfred F Jones, also known as the United States of America. And I'm the last one left.
⭐Pervy! America x Girly! Reader- Neighbor's Daughter ⭐ by painfullyInactiveATM
⭐Pervy! America x Girly! Reader- mostly inactive tbh
COMPLETED! 💞💕 ⭐ Heavily Inspired by a Deviant Art discountinued (😭😭😭) Alfred x Neighbor Reader series where Alfie was a pervert to the new girl on the block ⭐ This...
Arrested in Love: UsUk Prisoner AU by boredngay
Arrested in Love: UsUk Prisoner AUby ʍǝ'ɹǝ ɐll ɯɐp ɥǝɹǝ
"What causes a man to snap and kill?" Arthur asked, crossing his legs. "What caused Alfred F. Jones to snap and kill a man, or two?" The American smi...
2 Adults, 2 Teens And A Child by Allyse7104
2 Adults, 2 Teens And A Childby Allyse7104
5 boys run away together in hopes that they can start a new life away from their shitty lives. 4 years later, the boys are forced to return to their hometown of London...
Civil war siblings (northern and Southern America! The jones brothers!!) by scream_kween
Civil war siblings (northern and Pengins🥺
What happens when America doesn't show up to a meeting and someone looking identical to him shows up? The countries don't know who it is because he acts apposite to Amer...
Psycho (AmericaxCountry!Reader) by Hetalove_Dove
Psycho (AmericaxCountry!Reader)by Hetalove_Dove
(Y/c/n) has always been a rather odd country. Never coming to meetings, always keeping to herself, and rarely seen interacting with the world beyond her tropical island...
Secret ✔️ by moxxie_box
Secret ✔️by moxxie
Canada is always forgotten. America is always remembered. Both are unhappy. In order for them both to be happy, they have to change themselves to be the opposite of wha...
Within the Pages | Various! Hetalia x Reader | Mythical One-Shots [SLOW UPDATES] by KrystalSunset118
Within the Pages | Various! Krystal
(Y/N), a young mistress neglected by her parents finds comfort within the library residing in the seemingly empty manor she lives in. Feeling at home and sheltered in a...
YANDERE! Cardverse! America x Reader by holyromanDISASTER
YANDERE! Cardverse! America x ♡ Roman ♡
(CRINGE WARNING) (COMPLETE!) STUCK IN WONDERLAND IS SHITTY! Especially if the King of Spades notices you and decides to have you in more than one way...right?
RusAme Oneshots and Crack by bish_In_Glasses
RusAme Oneshots and Crackby Pheonix (Nyx)
Mature! This story has mature content. Hetalia. Yes. Russia and America is indeed a ship. This is more shipping their personalities. This will be crack in general, too...
Instability Within by Suzyq121212
Instability Withinby Suzyq121212
A RusAme fanfiction, I do not own Hetalia or any of the characters. Cover art is not mine.
Meeting on Hamburger Street (America X Reader) by WaffleNeko
Meeting on Hamburger Street ( I n F l o r i d a
[COMPLETED] "A normal and fluffy fanfiction with the Hero." Or so you thought it was... Read about a story of fate, one with many adventures and twists that e...
Stars and Stripes by Desolate_Paradox
Stars and Stripesby Desolate_Paradox
When America at last turned to face the elder, he was the picture of a disoriented child, remorseful, confused, and tired. It was the face of someone who had suffered be...
Love Through the Ages by Pi_3_14
Love Through the Agesby Pi_3_14
Alfred had always been a late bloomer. Through puberty to love, he was always last. None of it clicked. Love was disgusting and icky, why would anyone like it? All it di...
The Broken Blue-eyed Boy by Theheroafj
The Broken Blue-eyed Boyby Alfred F Jones
Life is indeed miserable for the sad, broken and lonely blue-eyed boy. Not a single soul in the world would spare even an ounce of love in his direction, not even his fa...
Fatal Secrets by Demonic__Flame
Fatal Secretsby Demonic__Flame
The nations have problems. They hid it from the rest of world. So the ancents decide to change it, to help them. To fix broken relationships and bring attention to the o...
Alfred's 50 Plus 1(aph States) (UNDER EDIT) by LuciiPL22
Alfred's 50 Plus 1(aph States) ( LuciiPL22
It's finally America's turn to hold a meeting in his country. Let me just tell you, he's a nervous wreck... Just as he thought the meeting was running smoothly some unkn...