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Who the hell are you?! (Old Version) by 284zunblo
Who the hell are you?! (Old Zunblo
(Old Version) A story where America wasn't found by England and none of the nations new of his existence... Until now. 3rd person pov(?) Gay and OOC Please don't talk ab...
Hetalia meets the states! by Snailslug123
Hetalia meets the states!by Snail Slug
Alfred is at a meeting being the hero as he calls it, then something happens... Just your average hetalia meets states story! TW: Confederacy, annoying states
Finding America by amernova
Finding Americaby nova
There isn't a known personification for the world's superpower. The USA. And the countries would definitely not expect it to be the teen that just jumped through the win...
Life Reset  by thatlistlessfangirl
Life Reset by thatlistlessfangirl
2nd chances are for fuck up's who can't do anything right. The last nation on earth was exactly that and therefore gotten a 2nd chance which he will use to save his frie...
Rising Fascination by swedenikeamaster
Rising Fascinationby swedenikeamaster
Alfred always had magic inside him, it was apparent for a long time. He had a close connection with animals, he felt things differently than most. He was different. But...
I Just Need Some Time Alone (Discontinued) by Allaloneinthevoid
I Just Need Some Time Alone ( Allaloneinthevoid
This is discontinued and a new rewritten version is posted to my account. It's a depressed!Aph America fanfic Basically Alfred isolates himself after having enough of ev...
The States! (Aph) by Kc_Arts98
The States! (Aph)by Kari Camp
Alfred F. Jones the personified version of America has to introduce the entire world to his States in order to maintain a peaceful and trustful environment between him a...
He did it (F.A.C.E) by jelsa_fnaf_lover
He did it (F.A.C.E)by _anime_.trash_
Alfred and Matthew did something irresponsible again.... Now Francis and Arthur have to snap out of it and team up to fix everything, even if there might be some awkward...
Big Brother Cares by nightwing2
Big Brother Caresby Alfred F. Jones
Matthew protects his little brother from the people that hurt him and will always be there for his baby brother. Alfred is not mentally old enough to ever have been left...
Another America's States book (Discontinued) by 284zunblo
Another America's States book ( Zunblo
This is old and I don't like this book, I hate the way it turned out, but If you want to read it go ahead. Another book where the nations/counties of the world find out...
I'm not scared! -RusAme- by Norwegian-Dragon
I'm not scared! -RusAme-by Lukas Bondevik
Fatal Secrets by Demonic__Flame
Fatal Secretsby Demonic__Flame
The nations have problems. They hid it from the rest of world. So the ancents decide to change it, to help them. To fix broken relationships and bring attention to the o...
Alfred's 50 Plus 1(aph States) (UNDER EDIT) by LuciiPL22
Alfred's 50 Plus 1(aph States) ( LuciiPL22
It's finally America's turn to hold a meeting in his country. Let me just tell you, he's a nervous wreck... Just as he thought the meeting was running smoothly some unkn...
Meeting on Hamburger Street (America X Reader) by WaffleNeko
Meeting on Hamburger Street ( I n F l o r i d a
[COMPLETED] "A normal and fluffy fanfiction with the Hero." Or so you thought it was... Read about a story of fate, one with many adventures and twists that e...
Scream (RusAme) by ClockworkSoul
Scream (RusAme)by ClockworkSoul
Strobing lights and leather bring out the beast in Ivan. Oh yeah, Alfred; SCREAM.
American Mask by scream_kween
American Maskby Pengins🥺
The remastered version of "When He Stops Smiling" (9/13/19)
Weep Not by NaviListenPlease
Weep Notby NaviListenPlease
Sometimes our pasts catch up to us. This is a short story of America and his past, and the horrible things that have happened. But it is also a story about how we have...
American Secrets by aConfusedAmerican
American Secretsby ✰
Alfred F. Jones the personification of the United States of America has many secrets long hidden and stowed away. He was seen as the big goofball, the immature child, th...
A Turn For The Best by Rainbowz122
A Turn For The Bestby CarelessUser
Two rival managers of a big company can never see eye to eye. The two fight to achieve the promotion that only one can have and create negative tension with the each oth...
I-I'm the hero...? by TaurusWrites
I-I'm the hero...?by S. Snow
Its the night before a meeting that America has to host. Its been very long time since he has really been a host country, almost a whole 2 years to be exact. He goes to...