Francis: 02

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Francis told me he would prepare a special breakfast just for me, so I'm really excited to see what he will be making. He probably needs help, calling me downstairs and all.

            "Stand over there, rose, and watch the magic unravel."

"A-all right!"

Francis is cooking diligently, his eyebrows are scrunched up together, all his attention concentrated on the ingredients before him. It seems like he really only wants me to stand here and watch.

"...Why are you staring at me like that? Well, I can understand--my beauty would entrance anyone."

How large is his ego?!

"Ah--that's not it! I was just wondering if you needed any help."

"Haha, you really are adorable, my rose. This fine chef doesn't need the help of a clumsy girl like you. Oh, the batter is ready."

Francis is so shameless... I know--I will show him my talents to prove him wrong!

"Let me help!" I offer, reaching for the bowl of pancake batter.

"Hey, stop it"-- He says, refusing to let go.


I can only stare in shock at the mess, sticky batter covering Francis' shirt.

"Look at what you've done!"

"I'm so sorry! Let me clean it up!"

I go to grab a washcloth when he suddenly grabs my arm. I am wrenched around to find two sapphire eyes staring me down.

"Wash my shirt."

He orders, voice deeper than usual.

"W-what are you doing?!"

"Unbuttoning a stained shirt. Is there a problem, _____?"

I thought he would be more angry but Francis really seems to be enjoying this. His smile is bigger than ever.

"Take it and clean it up. I'll be waiting."~


He tosses it, the white shirt landing on top of me. Francis is honestly just a drama queen.

"I'll wash your shirt for you... but... what about the batter? Aren't you going to have to create a new one from scratch?"

"Hmm...Don't wear that sad expression, my rose. Making the batter is easy for someone like me. Don't worry about it!"

"I-if you say so..."

Francis ruffles my hair and turns back to the stove. His back really is pretty...Ah! What am I thinking? I should hurry to wash off the batter. I'm becoming too careless around him.

Still... Francis is a lot kinder than I imagined... 

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