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Lunchtime. Despite everyone being present, I only had a particular vampire on my mind. I snuck a glance at Arthur from across the table, poking at his pile of peas. He appears like his normal self, as if he hadn't comforted me in his arms mere days before.

Knock, knock!

I stiffened at the sound of someone knocking on the front door. Who could it possibly be?

Arthur wiped his mouth with a cloth napkin, standing out of his seat.

Arthur: I'll get it.

The others didn't bother stopping him, continuing to eat their meal. I tapped my fingers against the table, mystery eating at me.

Reader: Who do you think is at the door?

Kiku: Who cares?

Francis: Could it be an admirer perhaps?

Feliciano: She'll be awfully disappointed when he answers the door!

I rolled my eyes as they laughed. Do they take anything seriously? I jumped at a loud shout coming from the foyer. 

What is going on?

I swiftly stood to my feet, heading towards the front door.

Reader: *gasp!*

Arthur had his hand around a man's throat, thin fingers clamped tight, eyes crazed.

Arthur: I said leave NOW!

He growled, throwing them back. They landed on the hard cement as Arthur slammed the heavy door shut.

Reader: What's happening?!

He ignored me, brushing past as he stormed off. Wondering if the person was okay, I opened the door to reveal an empty courtyard. Who were they, and why did he attack them? As I was about to close the door a glint caught my eye, bending down to pick up the object.

A cross necklace?

While Arthur can be quite animated, I've never seen him this upset before. I won't know what truly happened unless I ask him. But...should I go after him? He was upset, and I'm not sure if I could be of any help to him.

Francis: Thinking of going after him?

I spun on my heel, Francis leaning against the wall.

He smiled.

Francis: As much as I hate his guts, I'm worried about you, so I'll give you a piece of advice: let him cool off.

Reader: How can I trust you?

Francis: You can't. Just know that if you go after him now, he'll tear out every single petal you have.

My hand formed into a fist by my side. Can I trust him? My instinct is to go after Arthur, but at the same time, I fear he may turn his aggression toward me.

Reader: Why tell me this?

Francis: I love beautiful things, so I'd hate to find your mangled corpse on the floor.

A shudder ran down my spine, his careful eyes not missing it, smile widening.

Francis: Food for thought.

With that he slipped away back towards the dining room. I let out a sigh, body relaxing. What should I do?

Go After Him

Take Francis' Advice

Despite wanting to know what happened, Francis makes the most sense. If I approached Arthur now, he could easily switch personalities and take out his anger on me. My hand instinctively went to my neck, skin clammy.

The thin, silver chain delicately jingled in my other hand, opening up my palm to inspect the cross. I'll keep this for now, maybe it will come in handy one day. I slipped it into my pocket, heading back towards my meal, now cold. 


A/N: Sorry for the lack of updates! I've been busy with some other projects of mine but I'll try to update semi-regularly starting this Sept after I get back from a family vacation. 

As odd as it seems, Francis is also sticking up for Arthur, not just Reader. Perhaps he knows him better than he lets on...after all, some things you simply can't take back...

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