Part 05: Dreams and Memories

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Everything is a glow with blinding yellows and greens, sun warm on my skin. I can faintly see leaves moving in the summer breeze high above me, sky a brilliant blue. Everything is peaceful and alive.

Standing next to the large oak is a young boy. He turns to face me with a smile, sun blocking out the rest of his features. Even though I cannot see him I feel an overwhelming sense of trust. I open my mouth to call out, world twisting into gray as it fades, bedroom walls taking shape around me.

Pink flowers decorate the white walls, faded heart shaped pillow on a small bed in the center of the room. Dust floats in the air, caught in a shard of sunlight. Stuffed animals sit on a wooden dresser, black eyes glassy. I fondly reach out only to freeze.

Heavy footsteps sound down the hall.

Thud, thud, thud.

My heart stops.

Growing louder, growing closer.

No, they can't find me!

I dive under the small bed, hugging my scraped knees to my chest. I try to be as quiet as possible, holding my breath. It's no use-the tears start to prick at my eyes, lump rising in my throat.

The door opens with a low creak, long shadow stretching across the nicked flooring. The echoing footsteps slow as shined shoes stop at the edge of the bed, facing me.

Two enormous hands go under, looming. They latch onto my legs no matter how hard I thrash and scream, no matter how much I pray to be saved. They only hold on tighter, yanking me out from under the bed.

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